How to open the BIOS on a laptop ?

How to open the BIOS on a laptop ?
You will need:
  • Restart laptop
  • Press F2
# 1

The laptop besides thousands of options that exist in the operating system, there are other settings that are directly related to the work of allcomputer parts.Monitor and change these settings in the control panel.To get into it, you need to understand how to open the BIOS on a laptop.To do this, restart the computer or turn it off.After a moment he turned on again at the bottom of the screen appears that offers to enter the settings via the F2 key.We need time to press the button on the keyboard, or will re-boot OS.If done correctly, the screen will display the BIOS control panel.Normally, all instructions in English.

# 2

Bios is a module that allows you to monitor some of the critical parameters of the processor, cooling fans, battery, VGA card.From here you can make all the necessary changes that will change the boot sequence of storage devices and their properties.It should be borne in mind that every laptop model can have a different

BIOS, because it also depends on the details, which it installed.Different BIOS can be controlled by a different number of settings for different parts.Even when the battery is the presence of each notebook model, not all of them provided battery management option.

# 3

As it turned out very simple to enter the BIOS.So what is so useful can give these settings?Oddly enough, but without them it is very difficult to make any operation in the operating system, if the latter is out of order.This can happen if your computer got a virus, if there are faults with the supply or was deleted some important system file.In this case you need to reinstall the system and clean it from viruses if they are blocking access to some important applications and do not allow to make any actions for which it was actually created OS.If the case can not be loaded into the OS system failure in the event of malware, things are a little better.

# 4

There are anti-virus programs that can be run directly from the disc.In this case, check the hard drive for viruses will occur not because of the operating system.This emergency options that have created companies that produce anti-virus software.The question is only how to run this disk, if nothing can be done within the system itself.These discs are systemic and not just here and need the BIOS settings to be changed correctly.We must go to the Control Panel and switch to the tab, where there is information on all hard disks and removable media.In this section, you can select which device to select the first to load.Of all the options you need to select the CD-ROM, then instead of having to download the OS, the computer will run the disk in the CD-ROM.So you can go to the disc menu antivirus and scan your computer for viruses, the program can be, and delete files or cure.If all goes well, then again, you need to put the first downloadable ustroyctvom hard drive with the OS installed on it.A similar process takes place in case you need to reinstall the operating system from a system disk.Then the installation will take place after the change of the same BIOS settings.