How do I move files from drive C to drive D?

You will need:
  • Computer Disk Drive With
  • D
# 1

Beginners and inexperienced users do not see the difference between the logical drives of the computer.These people tend to retain their documents created in office applications, such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, or downloaded files from the Internet browser to where the default application writes these files.A default and office suites, browsers and upload their files on drive C is in subdirectories folder "My Documents".This in itself is not very scary.Problems can arise only in two cases.Firstly, a disk, typically, made smaller in volume than the other logical disks, it is primarily intended for the installation and the operating system.But when that's such an inexperienced user overloads the disc with the movie, music and other large files, the operating system is just not enough space for normal functioning.

# 2

A more serious problem occurs when the operating system crashes.Any OSes need to reinstall periodically.If all u

ser documents in this case are arranged on the disk D, then simply format the system drive C and install the OSes from scratch.Otherwise you have to load your computer with any boot disk, and to engage in saving the necessary files, trying to move to c to d these files.Therefore, it is recommended immediately save any files on drive D. If they were previously stored on the C drive, it is desirable to move the files to protect themselves from the consequences of an operating system failure, data loss and unnecessary work that can be avoided.

# 3

Now directly on how to move the files from the disc with the disc on. To do this, you need to double click the left mouse button on the image "My Computer", which is available on the desktop, open the drive selection window.Depending on the number of disks is registered in the system and are connected there still any removable device (e.g. flash card), a number of discs and is displayed in this window.It is necessary to find the C drive and see its contents in the same way, by double clicking the left button on the icon drive C. The following is go to that file or group of files that need to be moved.Knowing the way to him, the transition is carried out in the same way as the switch to the window with a choice of drive, that is, opening each folder by double-clicking.Scroll to the desired file, you need to select it by clicking the right mouse button and select in the pop then context menu "Cut".

# 4

After that, open the destination folder on the disk D, which result in the need to move a file, click it on any free space, right-and in the ensuing pop-up menu, select "Paste".The file will be moved from the system drive C to drive D. There is a slightly different version of the movement.It can be in two different windows open the folder with the file that on the C drive, and the folder on drive D, which is necessary to move the file.Then, holding the SHIFT key with the inscription on the keyboard, simply drag the file with your mouse from one window to another.If this is done without the SHIFT, it will copy files instead of move.If you want to move multiple files, it is necessary to start with the mouse to select a group of files, hold down the CTRL key, and then do the same thing, which is done by moving a single file.Any documents should be stored not on the system drive, then they will be more secure.