How to download dorsi : a reliable rear

How to download dorsi : a reliable rear
You will need:
  • Dumbbells
  • Rod
  • weightlifting belt
  • horizontal bar Gymnastics
# 1

Consider the example of the gym as you can pump up the muscles of the back.First, the most common exercise for how to swing back muscles, this is the deadlift, strengthens the lower back, where the feet are about shoulder width apart, back completely flat (with uneven back may disrupt it) picks up a rod and made tilts forward.Weight should be selected such that it was possible to do in one approach 12-15 tilts.Approaches should be done at least 3, as well as in subsequent exercises.Another exercise helps strengthen the upper back, the common people called "wings".This exercise is always standing in an inclined position, which take up one edge of the bar with the weight as much as possible and begin to pull her to his chest.

# 2

can swing back and the house, with some horizontal bar, it can be adapted in the doorway.An important exercise is, how to build the house back to its upper part, is pulling up

.Wrapped his arms around the horizontal bar at the shoulders and start to catch up.If each successive pull-up exercise are becoming more and more and reaches beyond 15 times in one approach, to be attached on some weight, it can be a pancake from the bar, for example.You can pump up the back, as pulling a narrow grip, t. E. The distance between the hands shall be a maximum of 10 cm. You can even slopes, preferably with a weight, as weight is not just gymnastics, coaching body relief.

# 3

After training it is necessary to draw, and relax the muscles.There are several exercises, how to relax the muscles of the back.It is necessary to stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, and slowly start to lean forward.It must follow that would back was straight.Next you need to get to the floor and stay in this position for about a minute.And slowly straighten up.As there is an exercise of the slopes in the hand when one hand is on the belt, and the other is lifted up.It is necessary to stretch slowly, to feel his muscles.It's good to help the body turns, where the hands are closed lock in the chest area and slowly rotate the left and right.

# 4

Which simulator would not do, no matter what weight does not raise, you must always know how to swing back.In the deadlift back should always be smooth, it is necessary to preserve safety.Quite often there are bodybuilders with wearing them weightlifting belt.This belt prevents ripping back.When you exercise you can not hold your breath for a long time, it can lead to loss of consciousness.Before training it is necessary to warm up well by simple gymnastic exercises.

# 5

There are many exercises like dumbbell back to pump.Let us examine the main ones.Weight is selected so that you can make at least 12 times the maximum 17 times for the approach, gradually increasing weight in the future.Perhaps the best exercise as pump dumbbells back to the top of the back, where it is necessary to raise the dumbbell with one hand alternately.It is necessary to fix the one hand on the stool, put his knee on him to get a good focus.Then do cravings.This same exercise can be applied directly on the two arms, there in addition to the upper back will be activated and the lower part of it.It should be noted another exercise with a dumbbell behind your head, where you have to make tilts forward, it is fully involved muscles of the lower back.