How do I find the Internet connection password stored in Windows?

How do I find the Internet connection password stored in Windows?
You will need:
  • suitable foundation
  • program remembers the keyboard
# 1

Windows, usually stores passwords of Internet connection, as well as password access to popular resources such, VKontakte, and so on. dMnogih interested in how to find password Internet connection.To do this, the first step is to choose the right program that will correspond to the version of the operating system.The easiest way to work with Windows XP, which requires no special parameters and versions.Think about how to identify the type of Internet connection is not necessary, as modern programs recognize it themselves and provide the necessary passwords, and so important, again, to pick up a good program.

# 2

In turn, care must be taken on how to improve the Internet connection to the password is not found out malicious sites and used it for their own purposes, to find out important information.There is another option of recognition stored passwords, namely - the program remembers the keyboard layout, keylogger.It is very popular among hackers, who can thus gain access to the pages of social networks or email.Motives can be both harmless and vice versa.On a personal computer, such a program will not interfere if the access to no one but the user does not have.

# 3

How to connect to the server through this program?It's very simple - you just need to run it, go to the desired Web site and enter the password that will be saved immediately, and in the case of password loss, were not working to find it in the folder with the program.The same program also helps to solve the problem of how to encrypt the connection with the website.No, it does not encrypt it, it simply protects the password from the so-called "theft".Thus, the program is useful in all respects - saves passwords and protect them, but, again, it is safe when the computer access only to the user.Passwords are, of course, is best remembered, but human memory is not unlimited, and therefore resort to using password saving programs all from time to time is necessary.