How to find bluetooth in a laptop ?

How to find bluetooth in a laptop ?
You will need:
  • Notebook software and drivers for Bluetooth
# 1

Bluetooth technology firmly established in modern life.It allows you to transfer music, video, photos and other files between phones supporting this wireless standard.Many tend to think Bluetooth technology exclusively for mobile devices, but it is not entirely correct.A large part of notebook contains a Bluetooth module.With it, the owner can wirelessly connect the phone to a computer, keyboard, mouse, and even speakers.The convenience is obvious.But how do you know whether bluetooth is on the laptop, and where to find it?To find out, quite carefully examine the laptop box or read the instructions for its use.That's the easiest way to learn about all the built-in communication modules.If this is not possible, you can go to the manufacturer's website and see the list of technical parameters of the presence of the laptop Bluetooth.Some companies (for example, Acer) can help determine the model after entering the online serial

number of the notebook.

# 2

Making sure that the unit is still there, you can begin to rejoice.After all, it will allow to forget about tangled wires constantly acquiring wireless keyboard and mouse, as well as a flash drive is lost, transferring important files to your phone.But what about those who are not very well versed in the complicated technique and knows how to find the bluetooth in a laptop?Manufacturers usually provide one of the two ways of inclusion - a mechanical switch and a combination of function keys.To get started is to carefully examine the case of the notebook, especially its front part.It was there often is a switch.Learn it can be from the characteristic icon of Bluetooth - the letter "B" arrow on the left.If the laptop is provided the LED after the shift, he should come.This will mean that Bluetooth is ready to go.It should be remembered that the switch can be not only the front body but also the side and even from behind.Most often it occurs on laptops companies Lenovo, Asus and Dell.

# 3

If the switch is not available, you can try another way to activate Bluetooth - function keys.Supervisory people certainly notice on almost any laptop Fn key.In combination with other keys, it allows the owner to quickly perform an action, such as increasing the brightness of the screen to move the player to the next track, and much more.It saves time.So how to find Bluetooth in your laptop ignorant person is difficult, manufacturers usually prescribe its inclusion in the combination Fn + x, where x - key with the familiar icon Bluetooth.Typically, this key is stored in row F2-F12, but depending on the manufacturer and can stand alone.Such a solution is quite convenient, but it has a small disadvantage for the normal functioning of the need to install the latest drivers for the motherboard and Bluetooth module or additional software (as is the case with the Samsung laptops).You can find them both at the manufacturer's website or on a disc that came with the laptop.

# 4

After installing all the software needed to run Bluetooth, you need to find the control panel can be on the taskbar or in the list of hidden icons on the desktop.Standard Windows tools, unfortunately, are limited only by sending and receiving files.If it is enough, then you need to find the necessary disk space photo, video or audio recording, and in the context menu select "Send» - «Bluetooth».File is transferred to the receiving device.Third-party programs, such as, for example, Widcomm and Bluesoleil, allow you to remotely control the phone, make a review of the file system, to simultaneously connect multiple devices and much more.All this, of course, great, but what about those who do not have the Bluetooth on a laptop?For such cases, there are special external adapter with USB-connector.Buy them can be an average of 500 rubles.Typically, these adapters will automatically install its drivers (Plug-and-Play), and configure nothing.Thereafter it will be possible to find and incorporate Bluetoothlyubym method described above.