As the bottom of the breast pump ?How to pump the lower part of the chest ?

As the bottom of the breast pump ?How to pump the lower part of the chest ?
You will need:
  • Bars
  • Bench
  • Dumbbells
# 1

well-developed, muscular chest at all times was considered a symbol of masculinity.Not without reason, and beginners and experienced bodybuilders are paying so much attention to this part of the training body.However, to achieve the ideal prorisovannosti pectoral muscles is not possible, if not to work out of their isolation.Therefore everyone who has already made some progress in the growth of muscle, you need to know how to pump breast bottom and the top of it separately.Before you pump the lower part of the pectoral muscle, you must achieve a good chest development.

# 2

Inflate the chest allow the most effective exercises such as the bench press and the like on the effects on the muscles pushups;dips, breeding hands with dumbbells, military press and pull-overs straight arms.The total amount of approaches in all the exercises on the chest must be equal to 4-8, and the number of repetitions in each set - 10-12.Weight barbell or dumbbells c

hosen so that with him it was possible to perform it is the number of repetitions is almost at the limit of their strength.This is close to the maximum load makes the most efficient pump breast.

# 3

Exercises for the chest down, as a rule, are a variation of the usual exercises for pectoral muscles.For example, when performing push-ups you need to keep your head above the legs to heavily load is not the whole breast, but only its lower part.Chest fine and worked out with the help of push-ups on one hand - this is a difficult exercise perfectly loads all parts of the pectoral muscles and allows you to achieve the ideal prorisovannosti as the top and bottom of the breast.But when performing a bench press or dumbbell breeding head, on the contrary, should be lower legs - for it is the upper part of the bench must be lowered.

# 4

Another great exercise that is required to be in the arsenal of any athlete - a pullover straight arms.Their advantage is that they generally involve the chest is a bottom, not the rest of it, and also involve the latissimus dorsi.Jackets can be performed either on the top shelf, and with a dumbbell in their hands - in this case it is necessary to lay down on the bench perpendicular to it so that only rely on her shoulders.The pelvis is lowered as low as possible to stretch the body and expand the chest.Dumbbell is taken with both hands raised above the chest, and slowly lowered his head as low as possible.

# 5

But amazing nakachany breast bottom remains invisible for the athlete, and for others, if impressive muscles will be hidden under a layer of fat.Therefore, in order to achieve an excellent relief of muscle and clarity of lines, it is necessary to dry and burn excess fat.And, of course, well-developed chest looks great only when all the other muscles of the body are developed as well.So do not get hung up only on the chest - all the other muscles are just as important in building the perfect body!