How to clean disk from junk files ?

You will need:
  • access to hidden files
  • settings control panel
# 1

Computers today are very common, but many users do not know how to clean the disk of unnecessary files.This is one of the simplest of operations which is performed almost every day on any PC in any home.Sooner or later there comes a time when you need to copy any file on your hard drive, but it runs out of space.I'm sure many know how to move files to the trash, but do not delete them directly from there.In this case, all the deleted documents, music, video, pictures and other files continue to be stored on the hard disk.

# 2

easiest way to release space on your computer - it deletes all files from the Recycle Bin.In the setting of the basket, you can specify any files to be immediately deleted from the hard drive and do not fall into the basket, but in this case it is likely that the user will regret after such action when accidentally deletes an important document.It can no longer be restored from the Recycle Bin and

restore the hard drive will take a very long time, take a lot of strength and not a fact that will achieve at least some results.Therefore, by default, this setting is not enabled, but nevertheless, if the file to be deleted is very large, the system notifies you that the file is permanently deleted when confirming the operation.

# 3

Cleaning hard drive can take place in different ways.Removal by hand unnecessary large files - the most effective of all methods, because once released a lot of space on your hard drive.The operating system also has its own methods to solve this issue.By clicking the mouse on the system of the local drive icon, right click and select "Properties", we can see that the system displays in the new window that opens, all the parameters of the hard disk partition.button "Disk Cleanup" There is present.If you click on it, then start the disk check for old files that can be compressed, and files that can be removed without damage to the system.Confirming the operation, the selected files are deleted.

# 4

If free space on local disk remains critically low, it is possible to produce deletion of files that are hidden by the operating system, but it should be done very carefully so as not to disrupt the work of critical applications and the OS itself.For this purpose, any ROM window should be in the top navigation bar, select "Tools - Folder Options...- Type "and in the list enable" Show hidden files and folders ", then on all disks will have additional folders that appear translucent.On the main drive in the Documents and Settings folder, check any subfolders, and delete all the files from the Temp folder.More experienced users can delete and other hidden files that make some applications.

# 5

latter method, which can help to free up hard disk space, connected with the removal of stored pages browser history.Every time you open any site on the Internet any browser saves your passwords, copies of frequently visited web pages, illustrations.All of these files accumulate over time and can be removed without damage to the computer.To do this in the settings of your browser to find the "History" section or the "Clear Private Data" and make all steps to clear your browsing history for all time.This process will remove all unnecessary files internet pages.So, spending a little time on the computer's hard drive clean, you can easily eliminate the problem of lack of free disk space.