How to check mobile phone virus?

How to check mobile phone virus?
You will need:
  • Mobile
  • USB-cable
  • Computer
  • antivirus program
# 1

With the advent of the current generation of mobile phones there are new virus programs.Most of these viruses are used to transfer money from the account owner of the phone to the account of a third party.And since mobile phone can not be used, if the account has no money, then pay the developers of such viruses is very good, because at least something, but each can be stolen.And when checking the balance on the account user is surprised to find that the money had disappeared.

# 2

particularly susceptible to such danger cell phones based on Android.More precisely, they are exposed to it, provided that the owner of the phone, or very inattentive, or does not understand anything in the downloadable applications and shakes everything.Under the operating system Android are developing not viruses, and application permissions to the account, independent sending SMS and voice calls.For example, you found it necessary applic

ation and download it to your phone from the Internet.Installation has been written, what permissions the application has, but the user does not understand or simply did not notice the signs and still found this program.

# 3

As a result, it can, for example, send it to your phone premium SMS to short numbers.Therefore, we must be very careful about installed applications and periodically check your cell phone for viruses.Check your phone in two ways: via the antivirus installed directly on the phone itself, and by connecting the phone to the computer.How to check your phone for viruses via the computer, even a child will understand, because it's the same thing to check on the stick viruses.

# 4

To do this, take the USB-cable and connect it with the help of a mobile phone to the computer.Himself USB-cable is usually sold bundled with the phone.When connected to a PC, some phones at once defined as USB-device in other required phone when connecting to choose from the menu, how the phone must be connected.For example, the menu may be a choice between connecting as a removable drive, and connect to the phone mode.To check it is necessary to select a connection to the removable disk mode.

# 5

Before figure out how to remove the virus, you should find them.To do this, you need to run antivirus software on the computer.Then, in the anti-virus program checks the form indicated.Each antivirus is done in different ways, but the principle of one.It is necessary to carry out spot checks (ie checking, not all disks) and specify which drive should be checked.In this case, it will be the drive that is defined by connecting the phone to the computer.If viruses are found, you can try to heal infected files or delete them entirely in failing to treat.

# 6

There is one answer to the question, how to remove viruses from your mobile phone.Phone necessarily connect this to your computer.There are anti-virus programs that are designed specifically for installation on the mobile phone.For example, the Android operating system is a free anti-virus program Avast and DrWeb, which can be downloaded from the official website and install it on your phone, and then just check your phone Antivirus content.To be careful and do not install suspicious applications on your phone, you will not have any problems with viruses and do not have to deal with their search and removal.