How to develop the vestibular system ?

How to develop the vestibular system ?
You will need:
  • Sports
  • Exercises
# 1

vestibular apparatus - a part of the inner ear, which analyzes the changes of head and body position in space.Various disorders of the body can lead to discomfort and discomfort while traveling on transport, riding the rides and carousels or performing exercises.Fortunately, there are simple ways to improve the vestibular system or eliminate the deterioration of health in transport.In all these ways need to elaborate.

# 2

The most popular way to get rid of nausea or dizziness is taking medicines: tablets or lozenges.The most effective drugs containing the active ingredient dimenhydrinate.However, these medications - not the ideal way out: they have contraindications and can have such unpleasant side effects such as drowsiness and other CNS disorders, which makes taking these medications it impossible for those who need to drive a car or do other work that requires Occupational attention.Yes, and violation of the vestibular apparatus in such a way

to eliminate it is impossible - because the pills relieve only the symptoms, not solving the problem.What to do?

# 3

Of course, the best way - is to train the vestibular apparatus.This can be done in different ways.For example, disruption of the body can be observed among those who move a little, so a simple increase in motor activity and exercise therapy can be a great solution to the problem.may prove to be particularly effective different games: tennis, badminton, volleyball require a sharp and rapid movement and concentration on the ball constantly moving.In addition, there are special exercises designed precisely to train the vestibular apparatus.One of them includes the momentary rotation around its axis with closed eyes, standing at the door, then you need to brake sharply and grab handle.

# 4

Generally, it is useful all that makes the world go round spinning and spinning - somersaults, acrobatic elements on the bar.And in ordinary everyday surroundings there are many opportunities to do training vestibular apparatus.can be a few minutes in the office or at home to be twisted in his chair with his eyes closed, passing the playground, take some time swings and roundabouts, and sunbathing in the country, to give up in favor of the lounger hammock.Even simple exercises can bring substantial benefits to balance the body when to perform them regularly and persistently.