How to build the lower abdomen ?

How to build the lower abdomen ?
You will need:
  • mat for fitness
  • chairs with back
  • horizontal bar
# 1

How to build the lower abdomen, if there is no means for a hike in the gym?And can cope on their own.abdominal training does not require any sophisticated simulators, enough to have a home pad, a couple of chairs and a little free time.The first exercise is a classic.For its implementation need to lie on your back, arms extended along the body, legs straight.On the exhale, lift the straight legs is necessary to form an angle of 90 degrees, while inhaling lower back on the floor.It is necessary to repeat the exercise 15-20 times.It is quite difficult, so if the execution is of complexity, it can be alleviated.To do this, you need to raise the legs bent at the knees.Another exercise is considering the lower abdomen, it is this: you must lie on your back with your legs extended and slightly lifted.Making a quick inhale-exhale, you need to reduce plant-legs, this exercise is called "scissors".Repeat it 15-20 times.It is imp

ortant not to take your lower back off the floor and do not hold your breath.Exercise "spring" is as follows: you have to sit on the mat, slightly deflect back back, hands are behind his back.We need to pull your knees to your chest as you exhale, and then pull forward on the inhale.It is desirable to repeat the exercise 20 times.

# 2

Exercises for the lower abdomen can be performed not only lying on the mat.Quite well known exercise lifting straight legs hanging on the bar.For his performance you need to put your hands on the bar at shoulder width, on the exhale lift straight legs parallel to the floor, and inspiratory omitted.The back should be kept as straight as possible, do not sway to the side.If this exercise is difficult for, you can pull the bent knees to the stomach or alternate lifting the bent leg at the knee and straight legs.Exercise is repeated 10-12 times in three sets.Few people know how to pump up the lower abdomen with the help of chairs.Meanwhile, it is an excellent alternative to the legs pulling up on the bar, because the horizontal bar to eat at home is not for everyone.For the exercises require two stable chairs with high backs.We need to put their backs on each other, lean hands on the backrest and pull the legs off the floor.Then pull your knees bent to his chest and at the top to separate the legs to the side, and then bring back and lower.Exercise repeat 10-15 times.When performing this exercise should be to strike a balance and to control every movement.In general, the power exercises at the press is sufficient to carry out 3-4 times a week.Exercise every day is not necessary, for the press, like any other muscle in our body needs rest and recovery.

# 3

Beautiful trim stomach - not a dream, it is an achievable goal with regular targeted training.These exercises take a lot of time, but will help to remove the lower abdomen.