How to set up a wireless connection byfly?

How to set up a wireless connection byfly?
You will need:
  • necessary settings
  • setting SSID
# 1

Before entering setting byfly wireless connection, a modem connection was made in such a regime, like a router.Firstly, there is an activation of the module Wi-Fi in a particular modem, it needs to find the Access Point: Activated - put the checkbox that appears right in front of the village.At this time, all the signatures that have been inactive - to be activated.After that, it follows necessarily, to check the status values ​​in the tab - Broadcast SSID- and confirm the action.Talking about how to configure a wireless connection, it is important to know what the next step is to set the SSID, which is chosen from the personal preferences or satisfaction to the network.This name will be the name of the future network.What is the name given to the network, and will be shown later, namely, in the center of the management of all networks.Moreover, Encryption and Authentication Type, you can choose at its discretion.This will serve as an en

cryption method and transmitting thereafter.

# 2

However, it is not recommended to put Disabled - because it is fraught with disconnection of the wired network.In addition, do not forget about setting a password, Pre-Shared Key to prevent other users connecting to this remote network.Ask a question, how to test the connection, you need to adhere to the following instructions.First of all, the user should perform the following steps: make sure that the router is the latest version of firmware, all Wi-Fi devices support all the required settings.Next you need to create a copy of the fluid settings Wi-Fi router, clean settings Wi-Fi network, that there was no connection to the old network configuration.It's time to answer the question of how to create a wireless connection.In order to create a wireless connection, select the network to which you want to make a connection, press - Connect.

# 3

If, Windows will ask for confirmation - press - Continue.When prompted, the Windows Security key - you need to enter it.If all goes well, then the message will be displayed on the connected correctly, and if not - will offer to connect to another network.Enough common question is how to measure the connection speed.It may be noted that in order to obtain the necessary information about your Internet connection speed of any device does not need to make any effort.The causes of such desires are different.But basically, many people want to optimize the performance of your Internet.To obtain the most correct result, experts advise to disconnect all the programs that somehow can affect the result.Experts recommend to repeat the test several times for the purity of the experiment.Such testing can be performed on any of the services that can be found through the search engine on the Internet