How to get details of calls megaphone : detail on the megaphone

How to get details of calls megaphone : detail on the megaphone
You will need:
  • mobile phone with a SIM card "MegaFon" operator
  • computer with Internet access
# 1

Itemized calls - the service, which sooner or later is required for each ownercell phone.From the account began to disappear money?Calls suddenly become more expensive?In this situation, no printout of calls can not do!It details indicate the duration of the calls made by you spend the amount of Internet traffic, as well as the number of sent SMS messages.The details indicate the same number to which the calls were made.Next to this information indicates the value of each transaction.In the printout of calls necessarily includes general information such as the subscriber's name, phone number, period detail.Further details contains information on completed transactions: the date and time of the commission, the number (destination), call duration or the amount of data transferred.Separately indicate the charging unit (minute, second, megabytes, kilobytes), type of service (SMS, MMS, incoming or

outgoing call, transferring data via GPRS), place a call, the cost of operation.The following estimated the total number of transactions during the study period and their cost.

# 2

How to get a printout of calls to MegaFon?To obtain the owner of the SIM card is enough to come to any company "MegaFon" office and present a passport.Detail will provide a hard copy, and the cost of such a service will be 5 rubles for each night booked.Such information is confidential and is not available to outsiders, even close relatives.

# 3

There are other ways to order detail, for example, through a self-service system called Service Guide.But before you perform any operation, you need to register.Log in Service-Guide system, please visit https: // /, where you need to enter login, password, and security code from the image.Login This is the phone number without the digit 8 in the beginning.If the password is unknown or forgotten, it is necessary to press the "retrieve password", then enter your phone number and the operator will send it.Once logged in, select the section entitled "One-time specification account."Next, note the period of interest, select in what format will the report (PDF, DOC, TXT, XML, or XLS) and enter your email address.The service in this case is free.It is possible to use self-service system service guide to a mobile phone.To do this, you must call the number 0505, then follow the instructions to select the section "Information on the personal account", then the section "account balance".

# 4

can order a report on the use of funds on a mobile phone using the service "Express specification."To do this, you need to dial the phone by dialing * 105 * 60 # or send a message, empty or containing a specific text for free nomer000105600.In response comes a message containing a report on the last perfect five paid transactions.If last month was not committed toll operations, the message will contain the text "For the current and previous month did not call the number."The service "Express specification" also provided free of charge.Pre-wiring is required.However, with a zero or negative balance of the service is not available.

# 5

With handy information on completed transactions, it is possible to analyze and control their mobile communication expenses.Equally important is the fact that in this way you can check the correctness of debit from the account.