How to switch the language on the keyboard ?

How to switch the language on the keyboard ?
You will need:
  • Control Panel
  • Keyboard Switching keys
# 1

operation that shows how to switch the language on the computer keyboard is very easy.It's just a combination of two keys Ctrl + Shift or Alt + Shift, which allows to change the language used to write the words and letters in a text document or fill fields on web pages on the Internet.Note that the Alt key is only used for that one which is on the left side of the keyboard.In the Text Services and Input Windows operating system must have at least two languages ​​between which you need to switch.One of them is the main, and all other extra.

# 2

To learn what combination of keys installed by default in the system text service, you need to find this section in the Windows Control Panel.This can be done by clicking on the "Start" button, and then select "Control Panel" line in the right menu.In the window that opens, you need to find the subsection "Regional and Language Options."This setting language preferences, representing num

bers, time and date.This is where you will find all the necessary information.there is a tab "Languages" in this window.By clicking inside the button "Details", you can see that to make the transition to the service control panel text entry.

# 3

tab "Options" you can view all the information about the languages ​​that are installed at the moment.Here you can also change the primary language.To get to the information, which will give information on how to change the language on the keypad, press down on the button "Keyboard Settings" and click in the window that appears on the "Changing keyboard shortcuts."Here you can see how to switch the keyboard layout, and what you need to do to implement the switching input language.The settings of these two operations can be controlled individually.As well as a choice to turn off one of them.To do this, simply remove the check mark in the selection box.The Shift key is always used in combination for both operations, and a second key is offered in a choice of two: Ctrl or Alt on the left.Thus, the keyboard layout change occurs is actually very simple.

# 4

To change the input language, you can not only shortcut.Language bar icon is always displayed next to the taskbar notification area.By clicking on it once with the left mouse button, a pop-up window where you can see the installed languages.To select another language, you just need to check mark it, and then switch the keyboard language.If you click on the icon, right-click, then another pop-up window appears with a list of choices.By clicking on "Settings", you can see that opens the same text input service window, where you can manage settings language layouts.

# 5

Thus, access to the control panel can be obtained in two ways, the second of which saves more time, because they do not have to open a lot of windows and a long search for the information in sections.It should be noted that there is one additional way that can help to learn how to switch the keyboard layout and input language.Right on your desktop need to call the help Windows F1 button.Open Help and Support Center window.In the input box "Find" to write the phrase "language switching" in the menu on the left displays a list of the options for this request.If you select one of them, in the right part of the window will indicate all the information, explaining how to make the change the input language.

# 6

This instruction supplemented by illustrations Services icons or links, allows you to make a rapid transition to the desired section Windows Services control panel.In conclusion, everything can be noted that not only can switch between the two languages.several languages ​​can be added in the settings, assign its separate keyboard shortcut to switch to any specific text input language.This can be useful for people who speak more than two languages.Thus, social networking chats, international forums and other sites in different countries can be freely printed in different languages, with appropriate keyboard with letters indicating the location.