How to delete a network connection : Network Management

How to delete a network connection : Network Management
You will need:
  • menu, where you can find the necessary settings
  • Team Disconnect (Disable)
# 1

Using the Internet for various purposes, the user can turn on and, in the case ofrequired - disabling network connections at any time convenient to him.It is known that compounds are formed automatically, so in its sole discretion can be how to create and switch off without damaging the system.What will this need?Firstly, you should use the menu and select the required settings, such as: Start \ Settings (Start \ Settings), and then NetworkAndDial-UpConnections.It should be noted that in order to interrupt the Internet connection you need to right click on the icon and select Disconnect (Disable).After reviewing the rules on how to remove a network connection, adhering to the specific conditions of implementation of this procedure, the user can get results in a relatively short time.

# 2

If a consumer faced with a difficult task of how to configure the computer-to-computer, it is possible to

deal with this issue.First and foremost, you must make the connection between the devices is using the network cable to the specifics of the reverse crimp.Then, should implement such a procedure - the first computer to connect to the LAN and turn both devices.As for the settings of a computer, which is connected to the local network, you need to read the instructions beforehand - a list of all local connections, to make the mouse button (right) icon external network.After opening the tab "Access" it is important to remember to tick the permission to use this connection to other network users.And in the column entitled "Network Connection" to specify a local area network consisting of two computers.It's time to see how to remove Connect Windows 7. In the Tasks pane, select the "Manage wireless networks" to define the command "Delete network", click OK.

# 3

Often users ask the question - how to set up ftp-connection?FTP-connection can be set up with the help of programs such as Total (Windows) Commander or FAR Manager.You must configure the FTP session - in Total (Windows) Commander - is Ctrl + F, and FARManager - Alt + F1 (F2).Then click "add a new FTP connection" (New Connection).For the advanced user it is not a secret, how to remove untrusted connection.Removal is as follows.If the accident was found malicious software on your computer, it must be immediately removed.This will require a bit of time, namely, to choose "Start", then - "My Computer" and left open "Add or Remove Programs" tab.Then you need to find the appropriate program in the list and click "Remove" button.