How do I clear the RAM in the computer ?

How do I clear the RAM in the computer ?
You will need:
  • PC
  • Operating system Windows
# 1

Sometimes RAM is physically small.That is, the RAM module is designed for a certain amount, and you can not get more of it.You can only buy a new memory with a large capacity.But it also happens that the memory is set to a sufficient number of comfortable work, but the computer is slow, because the entire memory busy with something.The same memory can be occupied?

# 2

Part of it is spent on the operating system and nothing can be done about it.But the rest can take an application to register in the startup and, therefore, hanging in the background when the computer memory and expenses.There is because not too sure by installing some application downloaded from the Internet, did not notice or did not understand that it was necessary to cancel the application installation process load with the operating system loads.And some applications do not even ask the user's permission to startup and self-prescribed there.But not every user knows ho

w to clean the computer's RAM.

# 3

If you only need to remove the hanging currently processes in memory, then this will be enough just to complete them using Task Manager.Task Manager windows can cause the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del.In the resulting window should go to the "Processes" and conclude by highlighting the unnecessary clicking the left mouse button and then clicking on the "End Process".Of course, the user must understand what process is responsible for what and what can be complete, but it would be better to leave.

# 4

With this cleaning RAM unnecessary processes will be unloaded from it, but the next time you boot the operating system to load them again in the background.Therefore, in order to clear the memory once and for all from unwanted applications, you need to remove those applications from startup.For this very useful utility msconfig, built-in windows operating system.

# 5

To run this utility, it is necessary to click the mouse on the "Start" menu and select "Run" (or press the key combination Win + R).Then, in the input box, enter the command "msconfig" and click on "OK" button.In the System Configuration window that appears, select the tab "Startup".This tab displays all applications loaded at startup of the operating system.Some of them are needed, and some only vain occupy RAM.Therefore, the user must decide which of downloadable applications can be removed from startup, and which to leave.

# 6

To remove an application from startup, simply uncheck the name of the application to left and restart the computer.The next time you load the operating system, this application will no longer be loaded.Theoretically, clear the RAM is very simple and accessible to any user.But we recommend that you read the information about the operating system loaded processes, to know with certainty, it is responsible for what each individual process.