How to increase the volume of the buttocks at home?

How to increase the volume of the buttocks at home?
You will need:
  • equipment and free weights
  • Training
  • Proper nutrition
# 1

Buttocks - one of the most attractive parts of a woman's body.Not surprisingly, one of the most popular in the fitness community questions is: "How to increase the buttocks at home?".But despite the abundance of methods and advice on how to increase the buttocks at home, not having the necessary equipment, it is very difficult to achieve a high performance training.Therefore, it is best to buy a subscription to a fitness club, equipped with all the necessary training equipment.

# 2

Many coaches in response to the question of how to increase the muscles of the buttocks, it is advised to perform a variety of exercises without weights, making it 30-50 times every day.This approach is fundamentally wrong.The muscles of the buttocks need to load more than twice a week, so they have time to recover;In addition, all muscles, including the gluteus only grow when performing exercises with extra weight that allows you t

o make no more than 12-15 reps per set at the limit of their strength.That's why the girls, putting the goal is to pump up the buttocks home, often do not achieve the desired result - exercises only with the weight of his own body does not make muscles grow.Therefore, if there is no opportunity to go to the gym, although it is recommended to buy the barbell and dumbbells or using improvised weights.

# 3

often under the heading "How to increase the buttocks" can meet a lot of incredibly unusual and bizarre exercise, each author argues that only by means of its exercise can effectively pump up the buttocks.However, there is no need to understand the intricacies of the execution of the next exotic exercises performed in a strange position at an odd angle.The best exercises for the buttocks - is a classic and time-tested exercises like sit-ups (especially deep or in the art of sumo), postural and Romanian traction, hyperextension, breech bridge and Leg Press.Of course, they must be carried out with the extra weight, as stated in the preceding paragraph.

# 4

But training alone is not enough for muscle growth.It is necessary to comply with other rules: for example, increased by 10% of their daily requirement of calories, which can be calculated using a special formula, making the diet of protein, carbohydrates slow and polyunsaturated fats.And, of course, you need to get enough sleep (which is happening in a dream muscle growth) and give up bad habits that inhibit the growth of muscle mass.And then after some time in the mirror please look beautiful roundness thighs!