How to change the tariff plan megaphone ?

How to change the tariff plan megaphone ?
You will need:
  • Mobile
  • SIM-card Megaphone
  • Regular phone
  • Internet
  • passport
# 1

After selecting the appropriate rate and the phone with a SIM-map megaphone is ready, you need to choose the method most convenient for the change of tariff plan.List of tariffs can be found on the official website megaphone -

# 2

first method.To change the tariff plan, you can simply call the subscription service on a mobile phone 0500, or the number 8 (495) 5025500 from the city.After that it will be first announced by the voice menu, where you need to select "another matter" under a zero number, then click "Contact a specialist contact center" as a zero digit.After some waiting will contact a specialist operator.The operator need to explain that it is necessary to change the rates and say the name of a new tariff plan.Later it will switch to the selected tariff.When changing the tariff plan through a subscription service operator will be charged a fee of about 30 rubles.

# 3

second method.You can also use the service "service guide".It is self-service, where you can change the tariff to know any information about the rate and more.To use this service you must first register.To do this from your phone to dial a free command * 105 * 00 # call or send an SMS with a team of 00 to the number 00010. Also on the official website you can find the link to access the Members Area, where you can register to use the service "Get password".Using this service, a new page where you must enter a phone number and security code.

# 4

After registering on one of the options on the mobile number provided at registration or at the telephone number from which the command was sent, comes a text message with a password to access the Members Area.Now go to the official website of the megaphone and enter the personal cabinet, using the phone number and password of the SMS.This will open a page where you can see detailed information about the user and his mobile expenses.In the left part of the site is a column reference.In this column, you need to find the link "Change rooms, tariffs and services" and click on it.After clicking to open a new page and a new column at this link.

# 5

Now find the link "Change tariff plan" and click on it.Wait, a new page where you can change the rate of a new one.Find a headline: "Change to the new tariff plan".Below that is a list of tariffs.To learn more about the tariff, simply click on its name, which is highlighted in blue.After the tariff plan selected, set the mark in front of the desired rate.Below, a list of tariff plans, you can choose the time of the transition to the new tariff.When selected, you can click on the "Order" button, which is located at the bottom of the page

# 6

tariff plan will be changed to a new one in the specified time.To change the rate again, registration is not required, and the need to use the password obtained earlier.The third method.If there is a megaphone service office, you can change the tariff plan there.To do this, you must take your passport and SIM-card.We must come to the office to report the problem and to present the necessary data, then there is a change in the tariff are interested.

# 7

cost of changing the tariff plan.The first change of the tariff in each calendar month can be done for free.The second, third and subsequent 90 rubles.There are exceptions.Any transition (including the first) on tariffs, "a megaphone - all inclusive the S" - 500 rubles."Megaphone - the M all-inclusive" - ​​1000 rubles."Megaphone - all inclusive L" - 1500 rubles."Unlimited Premium" - 500 rubles. "Megaphone-line." - Free Sometimes the tariff change problems with some restrictions for their decisions or for more information, you need to please call Customer Care 0500 or go to the Members Area on the official website..