How to change the screen size ?

How to change the screen size ?
You will need:
  • screen control panel settings
  • monitor
# 1

monitor Change screen resolution is required when the quality of the image blurred.In this case, you need to increase the resolution.Then all the folder icons, applications and services on Windows will be smaller, but the clarity of their drawing will increase and decrease the font in the entire system.To perform the operation of changing the screen resolution, you need to go to the Windows Control Panel.To do this, click on the "Start" button and select the right menu "Control Panel".In the window that opens, you need to find a subsection called a "screen."It contains all the information about the themes, screensavers and layout, set the current time on the computer.In the "Options" tab contains information about the display name.Here you can find a scale by which changes the screen resolution.Also in this configuration the control panel, you can increase or decrease the quality of the display color.

# 2

So, to increase the r

esolution, drag the slider to the right on the scale of one or more divisions.This shows every change in the upper box, then what will be the screen size.The monitor is indicated by the figures.If the monitor type rectangular or square, respectively, at the choice of resolution, you can see which one is suitable for each type of monitor.The higher the resolution, the more detailed will be drawing all the graphics and text elements of the Windows operating system.When the screen size is specified, you have to press "Apply" button in the Control Panel window, all changes are preserved and entered into force.Immediately after pressing it will change the parameters and on the screen will be visible to change the font size and the quality of execution of all open windows.

# 3

there a faster way, which shows how to change the screen resolution on your computer for 30 seconds.It differs from the first only in that the transition to the display settings is carried out in a single click.If the desktop click on the right mouse button on the list and select the "Properties" window will open the same control panel as in the method described above.Accordingly, all recommendations for changes in the parameters remain the same.If, after the entry into force of the new settings can be seen the obvious distortion of the image, then in the settings screen you need to click "Advanced" and go to the advanced display options.In the tab "Diagnostics" you can change the properties of the corresponding compatibility of the new screen resolution and the monitor itself.

# 4

If the computer screen is small, then in such cases, setting the system always offers just such a display resolution that is most suitable for the proper operation of the device.The refresh rate and all other parameters are selected automatically, so as not to cause damage.Such cases can be netbooks, the screen does not exceed 10 ".Usually most optimal screen resolution for them is set by default to the font size and application icons in the system are not too small, but at the same time high quality rendering.