How to make the legs straight ?

How to make the legs straight ?
You will need:
  • fitness mat
  • Dumbbells
  • Wall
  • Rope
# 1

must be said that the feet form of genetically determined and depends on heredity.If mom and dad straight straight leg, with a probability of nearly 100% of their child also will inherit them.The rest do not despair, because the shape of the feet may well be correct, the main thing - correctly selected exercises.But first we must define what kind of curvature of the legs, and whether it is at all.To do this, stand up straight with your feet together, knees touching if and ankle bone is not - it is X-shaped legs, if your knees are not touching, and ankle bone on the contrary - the O-rings.Misleading the curvature of the legs - a situation in which the ankles and knees are touching, but still noticeable disharmony in the leg proportions.This is possible due to the fact that one leg muscle groups developed than others.

# 2

So toe curvature determined.How to make the legs straight?You can, of course, decide on an expensive operation

, but it must be remembered that any surgery - a huge stress to the body and the risk of complications in the future.It is much easier to do special exercises.If the shape of the legs O-shaped, it would be best to pay attention to the inside of the thighs.In the gym you can do mix - farming feet.At home, you can do the following exercises.It should lie on your back, raise your legs vertically.On the inhale dilute legs apart, exhale to bring back.Repeat 40 times is necessary, then accelerate the pace twice and repeat the exercise as many times.For this form of the legs should be given attention and calves.To do this, stand against a wall, lean forward lean on her.Bend one leg at the knee and the other to rise to the sock.Making rapid rise 20-30 times, then change legs.

# 3

If the X-shaped legs, we need different exercises.Make exercise will help your legs straight at the wall.We need to stand up against a wall, lean on her back and sit down to form a right angle between the femur and tibia.In this position, hold for 1 minute, then 1 minute rest and repeat two more times.For this form of the legs useful to do lunges forward with his weight or optional.Important equipment: back straight, exhale lunge on inspiration return to the starting position.It is important to make sure that the knee does not exceed the level of toes of the foot.Repeat the exercise 15-20 times with each leg.If there is a false curvature of the legs, straightening the legs exercises to build so that the area where the most developed muscles remained untapped.For example, if the pumped muscles of the thigh and ankle thin, release two: either to start pumping caviar or not to strenuous exercise thighs (especially cycling), only walking walking.

# 4

all without exception would be useful to try himself in some of the following sports disciplines: ballroom dancing, athletics, swimming, gymnastics.You may notice that all the athletes of these sports straight legs shapely.The reason for that - the uniform load on all muscle groups of the legs.You can try to rope - Universal Leg, which very effectively helps in the fight against imperfect feet.

# 5

So, adjust the shape of the legs is possible and necessary.The main thing - their own hard work and commitment to excellence.Coaching feet need to constantly, otherwise the straight legs and will remain a dream.