How to listen to the conversation on Skype : Fact or Fiction

How to listen to the conversation on Skype : Fact or Fiction
You will need:
  • beetles
  • Hacking password
# 1

Curiosity - not a vice, - says the proverb, but somehow everyone at least once in your life would like to listen to the conversationfriends or relatives on the various sources of communication.One of the most common sources of computer communications software for communication is considered "Skype", which has a ton of features and capabilities.In this regard, a variety of forums, many users ask questions, one of which is the question of how to listen to the conversation on Skype.Given that the program «Skype» initially available cryptographic protection, traffic is transmitted from one client to another, but not through a central server.A similar message encryption may even envy the best technical support of the security services, so the hack tool is very difficult.

# 2

Most people are agreed on the opinion that it is impossible to listen to Skype just - much easier to answer the question of how to get a printout of calls.Moreover, the opt

ions for breaking were different: bugs, breaking the password and user name, the introduction of Trojan programs on the computer that you need to listen to anyone, and the like.Inability to "overcome" the program is explained by the fact that many countries have banned the use of Skype in the state, as to talk on the phone without the risk of citizens to be heard.Still, how to record a conversation on the iphone, and record the conversation while using Skype, you can use a variety of programs offered on the Internet that are able to install even for inexperienced users.

# 3

Principle application is to record the conversation and save it on your computer in stealth file without wedging into the conversation.And in person can listen to the conversation without difficulty with the computer on which the entry is made.That is, this type of software used on the principle of how to record the conversation on tape.I would like to pay attention to one more useful utility (it can also be found on the network), which allows you to read the correspondence between on Skype users.This does not necessarily know the username and password of a user.The secret is that all files with the correspondence with Skype is stored in the local computer user folder and if you have access to it, then it is possible to read the correspondence.

# 4

should not forget how to have a conversation on the phone, because it is very important to follow the chain of command and adhere to certain rules.Note that at the beginning of the conversation should be asked, not torn whether you interlocutor from important things, and if he has time to negotiate.In addition, the speech itself should be brief and concise, but also be meaningful.If someone called you by mistake, you should not be rude to the other party, because no one is immune from such cases.When communicating online with the unfamiliar person, not recommended to refer to him as "thou," and even in those cases, if the child answered, as the impression may be wrong.