How to learn to play football ;how to become a good football player

How to learn to play football ;how to become a good football player
You will need:
  • ball
  • team of several friends
  • football field
  • wall
  • comfortable clothing
  • sports shoes
# 1

football popularity surpasses worldwidegrabbing, like an epidemic, more and more countries.The football fans poured into the ranks with each passing day more and more people, regardless of gender, skin color, occupation and other factors.After all, they are all united by one thing - sometimes reaching insane passion for the game with the ball.The passion that makes forgetting all their business, become attached to the TV, when it shows the next European Championship or World or the Champions League.And looking like a masterly possession of the ball some top-end football player, you can think, and in fact is very unlikely to ever happen...

# 2

second Pele, Maradona or at least be given Beckham not for everyone - and not just in the person poses a similar problem.But at the same time virtually every optionally can learn how to learn how to play football.It does not require spe

cific material costs.The main thing - to know the basic techniques of handling the ball.And one more thing: training will be much more successful if the warm-up in front of them - even jogging around the stadium.No professional football player can not do without warming up the muscles.

# 3

need and good equipment: comfortable clothes and shoes.Cleats desirable to have a sports - regular shoes during intense workouts will quickly come into disrepair.Perhaps the most important thing in football skills - ball fidelity (pass).This can be practiced and "playing" with the wall.The main thing - that it was a free space in front of her.From a distance of not more than 4m need to hit the ball, sending it into the wall, and when he bounced back to strike at him, trying to orient him in the same spot where he was going for the first time.And to do it is desirable passes alternately with both feet, to train them.

# 4

For working on how to receive the service, you need to move away from the wall already by 5-10 meters, and send it to the ball.For a change, you need to train the different ways to receive a pass.And it is better if this will help a comrade, t. To. In this case, the ball rebound will be more unpredictable and will contribute to the development of responsiveness.One of the most important skills in the issue of how to learn to play football - an ability to hit the ball.To do this, stand by at a distance of 5-6 steps to the left (right-handed) or right (for left-handers).At the moment of approaching the ball pivot foot should be placed so that it passes through the middle of the imaginary line, and was in the middle of the foot - a distance slightly greater than its width.Kick kicking leg is strong enough, if it participates it all, including the hip.The body at this point should be tilted, making an acute angle with the lower limbs.A hitting the ball, depending on the intended direction of motion, it is necessary just above or below center.Feet should be placed at the same perpendicular to the ground.

# 5

for mining equipment impact need to try to beat the crossbar football goal from a distance (10-15 meters).When at least half the people on it falls, you can move on to training for accuracy.To do this, guide the ball in different corners of the bar to the gate.Do not do without the developments in terms of running with the ball.To do this, kick it across the field at different speeds, then accelerating, then slowing down.Another important "trick" - the ability to flip the ball with his feet.Good knowledge of this technique will allow a better feel for the "Leather Ball", and enter the game progresses mislead other players on the team.

# 6

By the way, at a certain stage of training without the help of friends is not enough.It is not necessary to have them 22, that all was as in real football.But this team can fulfill a variety of game situations (for example, bypassing the player), tactics and strategy.Another important point in training - theoretical knowledge.The receipt help viewing videos or visiting "live" games, the study of literature.If something will not turn out right, you should never despair.Do not compare yourself with others, especially outstanding players.We must remember that not all the talent to play masterly given birth.Many come to the skills through regular training.It is also very important and a way of life, including work and rest, proper nutrition, and lack of bad habits.Time, desire and persistence eventually will lead to a good result.