How to make antenna for a TV ?

You will need:
  • Wire Solder
  • Nails
  • Metal rods
  • wooden board
# 1

Elementary TV antenna.In fact, to make a TV antenna that will receive more channels in the city elementary.Suffice it to connect to the antenna input on the TV with any insulated metal circuit.circuit itself better to put on a plastic or wooden stand and set, for example, a TV or balcony.It only remains to connect this to the TV.To do this you will need a plug and cable TV.With the need to cut the cable outer insulation of about 3-5 cm in length.Next, divide the winding opened into 2 parts and bend.Carefully for the same length of the inner coil and cut to expose the center conductor of the cable.Secure the wire and coil in the plug with the supplied screws If the plug does not provide for the fixing of the winding, it should be cut.It is necessary to fix the other end of the cable to the circuit.The second end must sharpen the same manner and to fix, by making a ring from lived.For reliability, and insulation must wrap th

e connection with electrical tape.

# 2

Improving signal.If you want to make the antenna to the TV, which will take more channels and better quality, you should use the electronic signal amplifier.Connect them is not difficult.In fact, this is the same connector, but with an additional chip and the wire with the adapter plugged in.This modification will take the channels without a ripple and snow.Unfortunately, virtually all such instruments of Chinese production and are easily damaged.Their repair - it is unpretentious.You need to remove the plastic cover.The most common failure is otpaivanii contact wire adapter, or their oxidation or fixing damage to the antenna cable conductor.The first and last failure is corrected rectifying contacts (thin pliers, awl or a small flat screwdriver), their stripping and soldering again.Since the plug size is small, it is not necessary to use a soldering iron with a large work area, as it may damage the other contacts, and make further repairs impossible.If the problem is in the oxidation of the contacts they simply clean up, you can drop a little solvent (preferably diluted).If all these measures do not help, and the antenna amplifier is still not working, it will be easier to buy a new one, since the repair chips in the home is not possible.

# 3

powerful antenna with your hands.How to make antenna for television that will work better than the purchase, the most?If you want more quality signal, you should already directly modify the receiving circuit.It is better to buy another one amplifier is connected directly to the antenna.In this case, the winding fixing at both ends are absolutely necessary.Next on the circuit.To improve the reception screen may be manufactured.It is a metal mesh, isolated and established from the receiver behind it.In order to fit the screen, for example, a metal chain on the fence.The size of the screen should make some more signal receiver and be sure to isolate him.Further it is possible to increase the area of ​​the receiver.For this purpose, any suitable metal thin rods important that they be of the same material to avoid excessive oxidation of the contacts.We need to connect them in a more or less symmetrical shape having a maximum area.The amplifier should be placed approximately in the center of the resulting structure and solder it to the receiver of the signal contacts.Set the TV antenna of this type is not easy.Do not do it indoors.It must be set as high as possible.The country house it can be done on most roof ridge (do not forget the ground).To choose the right orientation of the antenna to mentally connect the antenna to the nearest location of the TV tower.receiver area must be perpendicular to this segment and directed forward receivers.