How to connect the joystick to your computer ?

How to connect the joystick to your computer ?
You will need:
  • Joystick
  • USB-connector PC
# 1

Models joysticks for computer games very much.They differ both in form and functionality.The choice is huge and will not be difficult to choose the most suitable option.Typically, the kit instruction manual, which is described in detail how to connect the joystick to your computer.In fact, this process is very simple, and certainly very few people are open at the instructions during installation.It can only be required if the joystick attached system disk to install the drivers and utilities.This is to ensure that the operating system properly recognizes the device, and it can function properly.The process of installing the software is not quite difficult.It is necessary to run the drive and follow the instructions that will be offered in the installer window opens.If a program requests a joystick connected to the computer via a USB 2.0 port, it is necessary to do so.Upon completion of the installation process in the icon with popup notificati

ons taskbar appears, which will be told that the device is functioning properly and ready for use.

# 2

all installed drivers and their version can be viewed in the Windows Device Manager by expanding the section "Sound, video and game controllers."The list will be available joystick model and all information about its properties.If after installing the driver, the device will not work in the game, in the same section, you can press the "Diagnostics" and deal with the possible causes of the problem.In an extreme case, you can remove all the files in the information section of the four-way drivers and reinstall them again.It is also advisable to check whether the connected USB-port on the motherboard.If no device is detected by the system when they are connected to this USB-port, you should use a different port of the same.On any system unit desktop or laptop has at least two USB-ports.This problem can be detected even when you first connect the joystick, since the system does not detect a new device and driver installation process can not pass.

# 3

After the device is installed and it will be clear that all problems are corrected, the next step will be the four-way adjustment and synchronization of the control buttons in a computer game.To do this, turn the joystick, pressing the power button on it.Running a computer game, you should go to the character control settings to make sure that the connected device is working and can be used for games.To do this, you need to change any setting.When choosing a new button that will correspond to the implementation of certain actions in the game, you need to press any button joystick.If the change is maintained, it means that everything is working properly and can be configured management further.On some models, a lot of joysticks buttons located on the front and top of the housing.It is recommended to choose a control so that in the game, it was the most convenient for fingers.It should also be borne in mind that some computer games do not support some of the four-way controller, if the buttons are dedicated to action, which is not functional in the game.In this case, use all the gaming device model, unfortunately, it will not work.

# 4

It should be noted that individual joystick models can have technical capabilities to interact in some way with the processes of the game through the vibration feedback in the moment of explosion or other emergencies computer game.This feature should also be taken into account when activating the appropriate settings in the control panel, if the game itself offers.Thus, a way to connect a gaming device to the computer a lot easier than it may seem at first glance.All actions are very simple, and parameter setting does not take much time.Anyone who is interested in computer games, can easily connect the joystick to your computer and enjoy all the pleasures of the virtual world.