How to connect your home theater to a computer ?

How to connect your home theater to a computer ?
You will need:
  • home theater
  • cable "tulip"
  • PC
  • DVD player
  • digital audio c connector S / PDIF out
# 1

greatest interest isconnect your equipment to the computer via HDMI-interface.The main difference between this port is that there is information broadcast without any compression, and certainly not in the decoding of the data is lost.Image quality is preserved.Below is a brief guide how to connect your home theater to a computer?If the receiver was purchased recently, the connection to the computer is through standard connectors AV.This option is relatively simple and does not allow to obtain high quality images, which allows HDMI.In addition, AV-cable is a few wires, and HDMI - one, and it is much more convenient to use.1st.We need a very home cinema dvd-player (Amplifier) ​​and acoustics.2-e, with the last computer motherboard and audio cards.3rd cable assembly "tulip" and like a 3.5mm headphone jack on the other.Acoustics home theater to a computer sound card is not so easy to conn

ect to.To do this you will need an amplifier (dvd-player), which will act as an amplifier.

# 2

Then use wire "tulip" connect dvd player to the sound card, and the amplifier is already attach speakers (speakers).More to the active subwoofer can serve as an amplifier (available in standard computer acoustics).1 Take the cord "tulip", connect the player to the audio card, it vsaviv wire connector mini jack to jack out.A couple of "tulip" connectors at the other end of the cable connects to a dvd-player in the in the nest.By dvd - player to connect the speakers using the cable that comes in the kit, attaching it to the appropriate connectors.2 Go to the sound card configuration in the hardware section and select the options 6 speakers.Adjust the thus sound settings in accordance with the selected sound environment.3 Turn on the dvd-player into a power outlet (220V), specify the desired audio output channel.Start the music and go with the songs.You can even fine-tune dvd-player to select the optimum sound.4 Do not turn off the music, you can edit the settings in the sound card, changing the values ​​of the equalizer, if necessary.Also, the audio settings are adjusted in the settings of the dvd-player.

# 3

There is an option to connect a home theater system.This option is more correct, but on the sound card connector must be S / PDIF Out.1. It will take a digital audio cable (can be purchased on the radio markets or in computer stores).Price butet ranging from 300 rubles.and higher.Ends inserted into the audio card (S / PDIF Out connector) and home theater (the size is easy to understand).All of the following items done as in FPIC №1.The answer to the question of how to connect your home theater to a computer we got.And as a result of our personal computer should issue a "super sound" through the system 6 speakers.This, as we have noticed, not a difficult task.It is the most simple and easy way.Only one disadvantage: dvd player marker on the computer desk.It can move, but it will be difficult to control the sound (carried out on the dvd player).But I think that covers a small super sound "bong", obtained by including an additional device between a PC and a recreation center.If we take into account that modern cinemas give amazing quality sound, dvd player himself seems invisible net.Especially because the dvd player is now released a very small size.

# 4

So, you did it!You have a high-quality digital audio, and you can enjoy a resource for your home theater using a home PC.Driving home cinema easy using the normal full-time remote control.Enjoy your listening to quality music "just because" and when viewing hi- HD movies!