How to build chest and press at home?

How to build chest and press at home?
You will need:
  • ability to perform exercise
  • horizontal bar
  • Commitment
# 1

In our busy age, people are increasingly immersed in careers, training, standing in long hours of traffic jams -so that they no longer have enough time to work on themselves and their own bodies.Therefore it is becoming increasingly important issue at home workouts.More and more men dream to learn how to pump up the press at home.For 1 day, of course, do not get: to spend time and effort is necessary in any case.However, to get a beautiful torso without buying a gym membership, it is real!

# 2

First of all you must decide on an available gear and equipment.Set the horizontal bar at home or buy some dumbbells or a weight does not require much money or much effort, but the effect of the training and the range of possible exercises significantly improve.So, with the dumbbells you can perform more productive exercises for breast growth: for example, the bench press or dumbbell breeding.However, in case you purcha

se additional hardware is not possible, there are other exercises that are easy to perform at home.

# 3

course, the main exercise for the chest and pumping media are push-ups.They involve not only the pectoral muscles and triceps, but also other groups of muscles: abdominals, back, buttocks and thighs.A variety of execution of the exercise of options allows you to pump up the breast from different angles, varying load and not letting the muscles get used to the monotonous physical activity.For example, push-ups are very effective with his feet raised above his head - as a support can serve as a bed, sofa or fitball.Those who have achieved great progress in conventional push-ups, push-ups are on the one hand, significantly increasing the load on the pectoral muscle.It is possible to use a homemade weights - for example, to put on the back of a backpack full of books or bricks.

# 4

following basic exercise - pull.Almost every yard is now possible to find a horizontal bar that makes this exercise accessible to everyone.Pull-ups are working fine muscles of the arms, chest, shoulders and back.They, like push-ups, can be performed in different ways, changing the position of the hands, grip and using extra weights.Finally, on the bar, you can effectively pump up the press, performing this exercise as leg lifts in a vise.For a full load of abdominal muscles enough to carry out this exercise as long as the legs are parallel to the ground.

# 5

There are other exercises for the development of the press.Most of them do not require any additional equipment.This is, firstly, the bar - static exercise consisting in the fact that as long as possible to hold the body in direct abutment lying position.This exercise is a favorite Schwarzenegger "void", without which achieve a flat stomach is nearly impossible.Finally, we must not forget about elementary twisting.Especially effective and safe for most waist twisting considered to be performed on fitball.Of course, this is not all, there are many exercises which help to achieve a stunning torso.However, no program will give good results if you do the exercises at half strength and skip workouts.The main thing - dedication and perseverance!And all will turn out!