How to flash the modem ?

How to flash the modem ?
You will need:
  • PC
  • Modem
  • file with the firmware for the modem
  • Browser
# 1

question "How to flash the modem" rises to the user in the event thatwhen the modem is beginning to show some problems.For example, a modem may hang or reset the Internet connection.Alternatively, the user gets advice reflash the modem, because the left is a newer version of the firmware that works better and more stable than the old one for this modem.

# 2

main recommendation for these users - in any case not to download the firmware for the modem from untrusted sources.When installing the firmware bat is not that alone, but even the service center is not always able to revive the victim modem.Therefore, the firmware for the modem is safest to only download from the manufacturer of the modem.And it must necessarily conform to this model.

# 3

instructions may be different for each modem firmware because one modem web interface differs from other web-based interface.Therefore it is possible to look at t

he instructions for a particular modem model and firmware to be guided by it.If such an instruction is not present, then the deal is not so difficult to modem web interface.

# 4

Suppose desired firmware for modem already downloaded.It remains only to ask.To do this, go to the web interface of the modem.This is done with the help of any browser.In the address bar of the browser address 2.8 is introduced.1.1 and then you should see the input box login and password to log in to the web interface.By default, most modems to factory settings installed login - admin and password - admin.If you previously changed your login and password or other default settings, you will need to know the login and password.

# 5

After entering the user name and password appears access to modem management through its Web interface.It's kind of modem control panel.Here you need to familiarize yourself with the menu items and select the related administration.For example, the menu can be called "Administration" or somehow differently, depending on the modem firmware and its manufacturer.Once in this menu, you need to look for the item that is responsible for the software update.Its name may be "Software Upgrade" or "Firmware upgrade".

# 6

The user is required to enter this menu and specify the path to the firmware file.How to do it, you can easily understand, because on the page should be the firmware file selection button.After specifying the path, press the refresh button.It is called the "Refresh" or "Upgrade".Then you need to wait until the file is loaded into modem memory and will be updated.At this time in any case impossible to turn off the modem.Improperly installed firmware causes sometimes irreversible consequences.

# 7

At the end of the modem firmware restarts and at the entrance to its web-based interface you will see the new version of firmware.If the modem is connected properly after a reboot, and the firmware version is displayed correctly, then the process went without any complications and errors in the modem is not expected.