How to decorate the hoop for gymnastics ?

How to decorate the hoop for gymnastics ?
You will need:
  • colored sticky film on a synthetic basis (oracal)
  • scissors
# 1

hula-hoop.Gymnastic hoop (hula hoop) appeared in America in 1957.Produces his firm Warren-O, which gave the world a rubber ball and Frisbee plate.Spin the hula hoop was easy, is not it, how to twist a massage hoop, and all regarded him as a distraction.In one of the film directed by the Coen brothers tell the story of the birth of hula-hoop.In their interpretation of the first drew attention to a strange little girl ring.Pioneer, expertly twisting the hoop, and figures in the Soviet film "No Trespassing", which appeared in the Soviet Union only in 1964.For rhythmic gymnastics Hoops use light, so it is important to know how to decorate the hoop.

# 2

Decor hoop.Besides decorative function, an ornament attached to the hoop strength - it becomes harder.It is best to wrap the shell strips Adhesive film.As a rule, the film (oracal) issued already divided into fragments.But do not start winding lanes wider than t

wo centimeters.The length of the them should not be more than 1.5 meters.Bases can be pasted on top of the second decorative layer of a thin strip, shapes, colors, or other patterns.It is important to choose a film based on synthetic rather than paper, which quickly lose the paint layer.Most of the useful tips on how to turn the massage hoop.

# 3

Massage hoop.These hoops are called acupuncture, because located on the inner surface of its special balls.They have on the body massage action.These hoops are composed of segments, which can adjust the diameter.With an impressive weight, massage hoops may leave marks on the body, which, however, will soon pass.It is impossible to immediately begin intensive training with hoop.The load must be increased gradually, so there is always a risk of damage to internal organs.Before the training recommended hoop supporting arms are inclined to the sides.How to make a hoop?This is done in a special way.

# 4

Rotation.To strengthen the muscles of the waist, while rotating the hoop need to raise their hands, with the hands, clenched into fists, the level of the shoulder, then pulled his hands up, and finally, connect a palm on his chest, straining muscles of the hips and waist.To strengthen the muscles of the legs and abdomen, during rotation, it is necessary to make broad steps back and forth.Experienced amateurs massaging hoop can rotate it while standing on one leg, alternating them.It is necessary to know well how to twist an iron hoop.Just as in the case of a weighted (such as sand, poured into the cavity of the hoop) is recommended to do so with great care taking into account the severity of the projectile.Spin hoops can not everyone may need to even get medical advice.On the other hand, too light wrap has no effect at all, regardless of "child."

# 5

precautions.It is important to ensure that when engaging the hoop was heard tapping - it should just gently rolled over the body.It is popular question of how to choose a hoop for weight loss.It must be remembered that some, even grueling training is not enough.Do not forget about proper nutrition.You can not rotate the hoop after a meal.In general, any exercise aimed at weight loss, do solely on an empty stomach.The results did not take long to wait.For a week working with a hula-hoop (especially the massage) waist is reduced by several centimeters.Still, it is worth remembering that the main thing - to keep the body in good shape, and not assume declining centimeters.