Removing the lens from Canon: User

Removing the lens from Canon: User
You will need:
  • camera lens
# 1

Buying reflex camera, immediately raises the question of choosing a lens.Now on the market represented a huge amount of various equipment, including lenses.The price range is very diverse.It is believed that expensive lenses are removed better, perhaps it is.We professionals are very popular L-series lenses, which are of excellent quality, accessibility, and is already of course, and the corresponding price.But we must not forget that the first shoots the man himself, not the lens.Therefore, if a novice can afford to buy a professional lens, does not mean that it will be removed accordingly.

# 2

Removing the lens from Canon?Remove the lens from the camera is easy enough carcasses.First you need to turn off the camera.Next, hold down the button on the carcass, which is above the lens, and turn the lens clockwise.The lens is removed.After we put the cover on the lens.On camera dress too protective cover, or other objects.This should be done as far as pos

sible in a clean and fast that dirt and dust would not have time to get to the glass.

# 3

So how to choose a lens for Canon?In the beginning, you need to decide what you plan to shoot.And depending on the shooting genre, the lens will be selected.If you like the most to shoot architecture, it may be advisable to wide-angle lens with a focal length of 14-18mm.It is convenient because you can shoot different buildings close enough, all our facilities are in the frame.If the soul is to take pictures of nature it is better to take some more versatile lens, for example 18-55mm or 24-70mm.If you like to shoot portraits of people, then there is better to turn to a portrait lens, with a focal length of 50mm, 85mm, 135mm.

# 4

After purchasing the lens raises the question of how to align the lens.Lens Adjustment This adjusts the lens of the camera under the carcass.Often when buying a new optics, while the focus can manifest itself back (focus misses ago) or the front focus (respectively, the focus forward misses).Now many modern cameras themselves do fit new lenses.But if this feature is not present in your camera, but you think that adjustment is needed, it can be done in the service center.

# 5

Unfortunately, all the equipment can break down and so many are wondering how to repair the camera lens.The most common failure lenses - ceases to spin the focus ring.If the lens is out of warranty, you should immediately take it in for repair under warranty.If damage has occurred not because of the buyer, the lens will be repaired free of charge.If the lens is not under warranty, you can try to disassemble it yourself, but you need at least a good understanding of the lenses, their structure and operation.If the lens is expensive, it is better not to risk it and immediately referred to the service center, even if the lens is not under warranty.

# 6

How to disassemble the lens Canon?If, nevertheless, the lens is not under warranty and have decided that you can do to disassemble the lens, you should start to prepare for the workplace.We must lay a clean cloth or paper.Next, prepare all appropriate tools (screwdriver, tweezers).The best way to find the user manual, because each lens understands differently.Disassemble the lens should be on the front part.Turn off all the elements.Next, we turn over the lens, and assort back.When we are looking for the cause of failure, if possible eliminate it and collect the lens back.