How to put a melody on a call to the iPhone ?

How to put a melody on a call to the iPhone ?
You will need:
  • iTunes
  • iPhone
  • ability to use
# 1

To add a ringtone, you must open the "Ringtones" and move the iTunes ringtone file.The second course of action - it is necessary to select in the top menu "File - Add to Library" and then select the desired file in Windows Explorer.The desired melody re-encoded format only.m4r (for ringtones format).The duration of the composition should not exceed 40 seconds.Next, you need to connect the iphone to your PC (you can use wi-fi, in case the firmware above 5.0).Next, select your iPhone and go to the "Ringtones" section.After that, there can be two steps: note "All ringtones" or "Select ringtone".If you do the second embodiment, the following should be noted in the selected melody.Then - at the bottom of klatsnut "Apply".When you must go to "Settings - Call - Ringtones" section.Choose from the list what you need.Now your probably already put a melody to call in iphone for some individual contacts.To use it, one must go to the section "Contacts

", select the name of the person to the call which decided on the melody, and click "Edit."Next, go to the "Ringtone" field and enter the desired ringtone.Special ringtones you can put as much as necessary.You can also make a ringtone in iphone, applying one of 3 ways: on the Internet, online services and with special applications or in the same iTunes.

# 2

The first thing that needs to be done, you need to run iTunes on your laptop or computer Next to put the phone in the melody iphone you need to select the source file from your iTunes library.Right click on the ringtone and click "Details".In the window "Details" to go to the Settings tab and see "Start" and "End".By enabling the checkboxes in front of them and select the fragment for your ringtone.The duration of the fragment to be not more than 30 seconds.For example, "The Beginning" 0: 11, and "The End" - 0: 39. Then click OK.Again, you need to right click on the song, but at the same time select "Create AAC version of the format."iTunes encodes the desired track and make a new file corresponding duration.The new melody will appear next to the original track on the computer.After you need to right click on the melody and press the option "Show in Finder» (for the Windows - "Show in Windows Explorer").a new file appears on a number of other tracks *.m4a.It is necessary to select it.It is necessary to change the extension.m4a to.m4r.In this way, it transformed the song into iTunes ringtone.After all, we must go back to iTunes and delete from your library a short piece created again.If iTunes asks "Move the selected file to the trash...."You have to click" Submit. "Again, you must go to the Finder / Explorer and click double-click on the newly formed Ringtones *.m4r.The ringtone will be added to your iTunes library.Then again it is necessary to connect your iPhone to iTunes and mark your phone in the top menu.Then, go to the Sounds tab.Mark the item "Sync sounds."Press the "Sync", and now he is now a newly created ringtone to iPhone.Once the sync is complete, you must include the iPhone and go --- & gt;smartphone settings.Next to Settings - & gt;Sound - & gt;Ringtone to put a tick near the new ring tone.Hooray, now I received an answer to the question how to put a song on a call to your iPhone already, a new composition.

# 3

order to easily install any ringtones you need to know something that the iPhone system or standard ringtones are special format *.m4r and have a duration of up to 30 seconds.To optimize for this format, need a program, and cut off *.mp3 on your iPhone.It is free and is called iRinger, operating under Windows.Once downloaded and installed iRinger program, you need to run it.Press the "IMPORT" (lightning has image) and by the conductor to select the music file to place the call.If a file is selected, it is necessary to press "Open".Some time the file will be converted into a format *.m4r.By clicking on the "PREVIEW", you must configure the segment, which is attached to the bell.Next, you need to click on "EXPORT" button and «Go!"In a new window.Here you can set the path where to save the ringtone as well as the name for display.iRinger within seconds converts the ringtone to iPhone.As soon as the window-notice "Success.."- This indicates that the ring tone is created successfully.Now you need to download the software Apple iTunes in the menu on the left select the "Ringtones" section, while connecting your iPhone to your PC.In the "File" menu you have to press "Add File to Library" or "Add Folder...."And then note the path to the file ringtones.Next, in the "Devices" menu, press the need for synchronization - "All ringtones" and carry out the phone button synchronization "Sync".Thus a new, already own melody "flooded" the iPhone and thus the task of how to put a melody on a call to the iPhone is now not without known.He appeared in the sound settings and set the same way as other standard tunes to choose it, simply press your finger on the track.