How to build hamstring ?

How to build hamstring ?
You will need:
  • Strength training
  • Commitment
# 1

Unfortunately, the hamstring muscle the average person very poorly developed.Sedentary work, lack of physical activity leads to the fact that the buttocks and hamstrings hardly developed and much inferior to their antagonists - quads.No wonder every second woman complains of flabby back of the thighs.The following tips will help to correct the situation, telling how to build hamstring.At home, of course, the training will not be as effective as in a specially equipped gym, so the first step to a perfect hips will buy the subscription to a fitness center.

# 2

We must start with the fact that the back of the thigh muscles are represented by two groups of muscles.This hamstrings (or biceps) and buttocks muscles - large, medium and small.Usually exercises involve hamstring and biceps and glutes.The most effective exercises for their pumping considered squats - a classic exercise for all groups of muscles of legs, hyperextension with weight

s becomes and Romanian deadlifts, forward bends with a bar (but experts say that this exercise can be dangerous for the spine and better to replace it with the Romanian draft), leg curls in the simulator and gluteal bridge.Weight must be chosen so that with him it was possible to perform at full capacity only 10-12 reps per set - this number is optimal for muscle growth.But learn the new first couple weeks of the exercise is only allowed with a minimum weight to hone a perfect technique, which is very important in fitness classes.

# 3

increasingly popular exercise equipment such as a step-platform, but the lesson to them far less effective than training with weights, so step-platform or stepper can be used only as a warm-up before exercise.Warm-up should last about 20 minutes to warm up and good working muscles.After the exercises have to follow for stretching muscles - no stretching after power loads can cause the muscles to shorten and become less pliable.In addition, you do not need to strive to do the exercises every day - it will have no effect, and only overload the muscles.It is enough to train the muscles of the thighs once a week, but at the same time laying out on the full, not otlynivaya from training and doing everything to achieve his goal.And then the result will not take long!