How to make a tape with your hands ?

How to make a tape with your hands ?
You will need:
  • PSU
  • CD-ROM
  • Alarm
  • Screwdriver
# 1

Based on the fact that the indicator of the voltage needed bipolar 15 V and alsoAC voltage is 5 V, itself comes elementary conclusion that under the criteria absolutely perfect fall simplest UPS that is, switching power supplies, related to the Chinese production, from the usual DVD- players.They may not be repairable, shrunken with lasers.You only have to choose a suitable for the operation of a size unit.If the head have long tormented by the question of how to make

a tape, this article is definitely only play in good stead.

# 2

Old CD-ROM can also be put to use, it is suitable even have a non-business element.On the hand is played and the fact that previously a very long period of time they had a volume control, which draws attention in this case.Taken overall charge CD-ROM (a), which you must find it possible to implement a power connection 5 volts, and the input signal.Then just cut amplifier.Thus, the question of how to make the power of the recorder.At the next stage we have is the need to place units in a devastated computer power supply case, which will be housing for the recorder.

# 3

After its complete assembly can talk about how to connect a tape recorder in the car, but it is currently not present any particular difficulty.All wires in color in our time meet the same standard.Total 4 couples go to the speakers.If there is a question about how to connect a tape recorder, it is best to connect it to the alarm, as in this case does not need to think about whether its turned off or forgotten.It's simple: it will be switched off when the alarm itself.And when the alarm is removed, the machine will meet the owner has with the music.But here arises another problem, because if you want to connect your modified miracle tape, it is necessary to know how to remove the tape, which must be replaced.

# 4

usually on the right side is a strip that needs to be carefully pry and then lift the latch.On view will open space are two self-tapping screws that need to be unscrewed, after which you can be able to pry the center console.Now only need to disconnect from the buttons chips, is where will be located the main fastening tape, from which it is necessary to separate.That's because the process and looks.