How to sit on the cross twine quickly : exercise

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You will need:
  • patience and willpower
  • specific goal
  • individual set of exercises
  • conditions for practicing
# 1

Take the cross strings, as if it did not seemdifficult, it can not be the only people endowed with natural flexibility.Under the right of regular classes this task is accomplished by even a novice.Going to a professional in the gym, of course, increase the chances.But if you can not, the effect can be achieved and at home!Here, by the way is a saying: "Patience and a little effort."Regularity - here that will quickly catch the cross twine.Therefore, it is desirable to select the right to practice convenient to all parties time and do not change it.Scientists have proved that the body is easier to withstand exercise on an empty stomach or 2-3 hours after eating.

# 2

now stretching should be part of the daily routine.Again you have to beat laziness.It would be easy to do, if you set yourself specific questions: "Why sit on the cross twine?", "How to sit on the cross twine at home?", "Will there be enough strength?".Having defined the purpose, you need to choose something that will motivate and help to collect will in a fist in a difficult situation.The right attitude will boldly go towards my dream, no matter what, and that's half the battle!

# 3

In no case can not seek to do everything at once!It is better to do a little, step by step, gradually increasing its rate.On the sports sites have a lot of sets of exercises for stretching, trying a few, it will be easier to create your individual, which will have to include exercises, warm-up chords.Typically, a standard set - 5-6 exercises.At dances, where flexibility - the cornerstone, the next offer.The first exercise - the slopes of the sitting (fold).Legs extended forward and the man reaches for extended socks.Coaches are advised to swing the body to achieve the perfect stretch.It is enough to do this exercise 20 times.Opened fold is also performed, only the legs as much as possible apart.Then his legs folded in Turkish and knees put bags weighing 500 grams.The following exercise - kick their feet.They are executed as lying on your side, and sitting.Movement should be sharp and the muscles - tense.By the way, learn how to correct first longitudinal twine, rather than spending all the power directly to the cross.

# 4

If as a result of training is achieved, do not stop, you can do the improvement of technology!The same should be done when there is no result.In this case, the tenacity and stubbornness have become best friends.Do not forget to properly strengthen the muscles in general.Charging, biking, swimming, other sports - has long been proven that strengthen any muscle group can only be working on is in the complex.If there is no result for a long period of time (2 months or more), then you need to analyze the situation.You may need to speed up the pace of work and deadlines (this will give a psychological effect).Perhaps should reconsider exercise and choose a different method.The most pleasant taste - the taste of victory.When the cross-split is executed, it will add confidence in themselves and their abilities and commitment to teach.Therefore, such an exercise is useful not only from the standpoint of sports.