How to see the graphics card with the purchase ?

How to see the graphics card with the purchase ?
You will need:
  • Manager
  • devices video settings
# 1

Modern computers use in their work the latest technological advances.Inside are equipped with powerful processors, graphics-performance, high capacity hard drives.Sometimes it is necessary to view information about all of these devices directly from the operating system.This may be necessary when you need to install any drivers or utilities required for the proper operation of the individual devices.For example, you need to know how to see the graphics card in order to optimize its settings.

# 2

In order to get into the device settings control panel connected to the computer, you need to right click on the icon "My Computer"."Properties", select the list that appears.A screen displays all the information about the installed operating system, processor, sampling frequency, and the name of the processor model, as well as on the amount of physical memory.This method shows how to learn computer-related parameters in the type of basic or


# 3

To find information about all the connected system or external devices in the System Properties window, switch to the "Hardware" tab and click "Device Manager."A new window opens, containing within itself a long list.It categorized all types of devices.Expanding any tab displays the model names and manufacturers of specific devices, responsible for the execution of certain functions.If you click twice on some icon that will display information about the type of device, manufacturer, installed drivers.

# 4

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that to understand how to look at the PC settings are very easy.This can be done even in the store when choosing a laptop.On the windows there are always signs with all the information about the devices integrated into the notebook.Specifies the type of Web camera and its characteristics, processor speed, amount of memory cards support Bluetoth or Wi-Fi, Number of USB-ports, and so on.Thus the question of how to choose the settings for a laptop, boils down to in order to determine the necessary characteristics for the buyer and the types of installed devices.

# 5

When choosing a computer is necessary to pay special attention to the graphics card.To make the right purchase, you need to know the computer will be used for what purpose.If he is required to work with documents, it will fit perfectly integrated graphics.It will make it possible to watch videos, work with all types of standard applications, and certain types of graphics.To be able to play on a laptop computer games, in it a powerful graphics card to be installed.The method, which tells how to find the graphics card, as described above.In Device Manager, you should review the information in the "Display adapters" category.