How to reduce the buttocks in men ?

How to reduce the buttocks in men ?
You will need:
  • Rod
  • Smith
  • Machine Dumbbells
  • simulator Leg Press
  • Rope
# 1

"lost weight" to the buttocks, the body's need to create a deficitcalories, that is to spend more calories than you consume, of course, you can sit on a starvation diet, but for men is not the answer, because no one has canceled work and family.Force them simply will not.The solution is simple - you need to do cardio exercises that are perfectly burn calories and get rid of excess fat.Even if the power is left in exactly the same, still the body will lose weight.Incidentally, it is impossible to lose weight at any one area of ​​the body immediately becomes thin as a whole.So, how to remove fat from the buttocks to the men with the help of cardio?You must select something different: running, jumping rope, cycling, rollerblading, or cross-country skiing.Particular attention should be paid to the rope: at the least time cost, it is most effective.Just 10 minutes of continuous jumping is equivalent to three-kilomet

er cross-country race, which is overcome, at best, for 13-16 minutes.

# 2

cardio However, despite their utility buttocks are not pulled.Need a power sport.Exercises you can do at home with a special equipment or gym.The most effective exercise to reduce buttocks - squats.If women may well do squat with their weight, men need an extra.Beginners enough weight empty neck, advanced athletes, may add weight at will and well-being.First you need to take the correct position: legs set wide apart, feet parallel.It takes a deep squat with your back straight, knees line does not extend beyond the line of socks feet.Optimally, you need to repeat this exercise 40 times, can be in the 2 approaches.Variation squat: take a dumbbell or kettlebell with both hands in front of him, legs spread apart and stand on tiptoes.Do sit-ups, both feet are on the floor, the body weight on the heels.This exercise is also well pumps shin and foot.

# 3

Tighten your buttocks, you can use the Smith machine.We need to do lunges leg back, first 15-20 times one, then the other leg.By the way, if it's too hard to squat with a barbell, you can do it on the Smith machine.Another excellent exercise for the buttocks - bench legs.We need to sit comfortably and firmly leaned back against the seat.Legs put closer to the upper edge of the platform.It is necessary to gradually bend and unbend legs, before the formation of honey shin and knee angle of 90 degrees.This exercise is very convenient for those who have back problems and can not fully carry out exercises with a barbell.The effect is not worse, and the risk of ruptured back there.Strength training is necessary to carry out 3-4 times a week, combining with cardio on the same day.So tighten your buttocks for men is possible with the help of special exercises that perform better with the extra weight, not forgetting about the aerobic exercise.