How to make a hoop for fitness with your own hands ?

How to make a hoop for fitness with your own hands ?
You will need:
  • hoop
  • effort
# 1

Hoop - a wonderful tool in the fight against excess centimeters at the waist.Many people ask, how to make a hoop house, and is it possible?The hoop can be done at home.And why is that?it is not too high prices.You can buy the cheapest and improve his house for a few minutes.The fact that the efficient use heavy hoop.It is advisable to buy an iron.But if you have already purchased a plastic hoop, the heavier it will not be difficult.It takes only a disconnect of the hoop, pour into any cereals and reassemble all the pieces together.You can also roll up the place with tape joints, so that in case of breakage not to spill all on the floor.

# 2

to exercise given the result, you need to use the machine correctly.So how do you turn the hoop correctly to achieve the desired effect in a few lessons?It is advisable to turn the hoop, changing direction.Spin the hoop better on an empty stomach, so as not to provoke nausea.Starting position - feet shoulder width a

part, back straight, stomach maximally retracted, his hands behind his head.Before charging make better breathing exercises, to its process of burned more fat.

# 3

a child almost every twisted hoop.But over time, many people lose the ability to use skills or wrong.So learning how to twirl the hoop, so that the effect was greatest?Firstly, you need to take the correct stance, namely, straight back, feet shoulder width apart.Take the hoop, push him in any direction, which is convenient, and begin to gently shake her hips.Direction change every 5 minutes.After the change of 6 areas to relax.If you feel that tired back, it is better to take a break, otherwise you may damage it.It is important to know that there is also a special group of people who do not fit exercise with hoop.Do not twist the hoop pregnant women, the elderly, people who have a problem with the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract and others.

# 4

hoop not only helps create a beautiful figure, but also brings the health back to normal.How to remove the stomach, twisting the hoop - that's the basic question of all who wish to remove the extra inches on the sides, abdomen and thighs.In order to achieve the desired effect only takes time and effort.Any free time devote hoop.Exercise daily, but gradually increase the time.There may be bruising, but they will soon.When your body will be more trained - takes an hour, but no more.

# 5

Through simple exercises with hoop your body pumped up, will look sporty and slim!