How to connect speakers to the amplifier ?

How to connect speakers to the amplifier ?
You will need:
  • new wiring
  • tool
  • amplifier
# 1

To connect the speakers to the amplifier is necessary to replace the old wiring more powerful.To do this, you will need to buy a speaker cable with a strip in the middle of one core section and at least 2 to 1.5 millimeters.This is to ensure that the factory wiring has a smaller cross section and lost more than thirty per cent of its capacity.As it will be described how to connect the amplifier to the speakers in the car.The old wiring in the car can be left if it will not interfere.In addition, it may be useful to connect the brake light, extra turn signals.After switching off the old wiring is immediately ready for the laying of new.It is necessary to get a thin metal wire, through which it is necessary to tighten the new speaker cable to the car door.It is advisable to put the wiring in corrugated stretches from the factory wiring.This will help keep the visually beautiful view of the door and set the speakers.For a long life should fix t

he new wiring is similar to the old one.In the car, it is desirable to lay speaker wire wiring harness with one common wiring.When first connected to the car door can be installed to connect the speaker, it is important not to confuse the polarity.

# 2

Next you want to take the front seat and put under the mat ten millimeters thick sheet of plywood for the subsequent mounting of the amplifier about it with screws.After installation of plywood you need to saw a hole in the ground, which will host the wiring.Then put in place and secured power.Then you need to install the front seat in place and to move it.This will help identify defects in the installation of the veneer by friction with the movable components of the seat.If the deficiencies are not identified, then you can proceed to the conclusion of the power amplifier power cable into the engine compartment.For these purposes need to be drilled in the front end opening sixteen millimeters in diameter and insert the appropriate size rubber ring.Further it is necessary to draw a wire in a rubber ring and then pulling it to the positive terminal of the battery.The next step is to mount this wire to a common wire harness.This can be done by means of special clips for fixing of automobile wiring to the body of the machine.Next you need to connect this lead to the positive terminal of the battery.To prevent a short circuit at the other end it is important to install the power fuse near the positive terminal.

# 3

Then you need to connect an amplifier.This will require to bring the positive wire from the power amplifier to the power strip and plug it.Once the wire is connected, it should be the head of the fastening bolt from the street covered with an insulating sealant.The final stage will be drawn according to the wiring on the acoustic circuit board.You need to connect the control and line cables.Then we must all be connected to the radio and check the quality of the assembly sites.That is, following these instructions, you can easily connect and configure the amplifier to the speakers.This lightweight car upgrades will help to achieve excellent sound quality music.