How to increase the width of the hips ?

How to increase the width of the hips ?
You will need:
  • Strength training
  • Proper high calorie
  • determination and perseverance
# 1

ideals of female beauty are changing every age, but almost all of them are united by one common feature -seductive feminine roundness wide hips.Not without reason, many girls are interested in how to increase the width of the hips - for the majority of the ladies want to look attractive and feminine.This will help them a couple of useful tips.

# 2

hip width depends on several factors.Firstly, it is the width of the pelvis;secondly - the thickness of the fat;and third - the number of muscles.The structure of the pelvic bones laid anatomically and can be changed only at puberty or after childbirth and increase fat though and give the required amount, but will bring with cellulite and flabby figure, so there is only a way to build muscle in the thighs and bydeveloped muscles to achieve a seductive shape thighs.But how to do that?

# 3

Firstly, the muscles can only grow from strength training w

ith heavy weights.By "high weight" means the weight of a dumbbell or barbell, which will make up to 10 repetitions in one approach.There are different exercises to increase the thighs, but the best is deservedly considered to become either Romanian deadlifts, hyperextension, lunges, squats (both classic and any variations thereof), leg press and gluteal bridge.

# 4

However, such a variety of exercises for the muscles of the hips does not mean that you need every day to perform all the exercises found on the Internet by thin thighs.The best would be to choose a few exercises uniformly develops all the muscles of the legs, hips and loading no more than once a week to give your muscles rest and recover.Over time, the exercises can be replaced by others, so that the muscles do not get used to the same type of stress and slowed its growth.

# 5

The second most important item of training on muscle development - a proper diet.It should be more nutritious than usual (it should consume about 20% more calories than the daily norm stipulated by the individual).Furthermore, it should prevail proteins slow carbohydrates, poly-unsaturated fats.To grow muscles, you should also provide them with all necessary macro- and microelements and vitamins.Therefore, food should not only be high-calorie, but also healthy and balanced.

# 6

But all of the above tips will be useless if they perform lazy and careless.Therefore, most importantly, what should be remembered, moving to the cherished goal of a round of delicious forms - is perseverance, persistence and willpower.Of course, the stunning result is bound to take some work for his achievements.But is this result is not worth it?