How to remove a pulley of the washing machine ?

How to remove a pulley of the washing machine ?
You will need:
  • set
  • safety wrenches
  • pulley
  • motor
  • belt
# 1

Despite the fact that modern appliances sufficiently reliable,it sometimes breaks.Moreover, it happens at the most inopportune moment.However, in the event of a failure, no need to rush to a service center.After all, sometimes you can repair the equipment and yourself.This also applies to washing machines.However, in order to be able to repair the machine, it is necessary at least to begin to know how to remove a pulley of a washing machine.

# 2

If the drum is damaged or deformed, it means that he is in the process of experiencing mechanical stress on the walls of the machine.This means that it is necessary to know before starting intensive use, how to place the washing machine so that the drum does not suffer additional loads.

# 3

If the machine has stopped working due to the fault electric motor, in order to solve the problem, it is necessary not only to remove the motor, but also to replace the pulley and some mo

re details.Why should remove the front or back, depending on the model of the machine, then gently lift the belt drum and the motor disconnected from the terminal block.Before carrying out such work should be clear about how to block a washing machine from a possible fall or move across the floor.

# 4

wrench suitable size carefully unscrew the nut of the spring suspension tank for water washing machine.Another wrench to unscrew the nut, which is designed for attaching a pulley.When the nut is completely unscrewed, you can remove the pulley.In principle, the pulley must be removed in a few cases, which include the replacement of the tank for water or the drum of the washing machine if it is damaged, and of the electric motor.

# 5

Removing pulley and sometimes you have to spend to replace the belt.Moreover, the complete dismantling is carried out if there are remnants of a pulley belt to break and can not be removed without dismantling the pulley.After removing the pulley algorithm for its installation must be performed in reverse order.Upon completion of the work will only have to know how to restart the washing machine so that all of its previously recorded with details to work correctly.

# 6

In any case, we must remember that all such work must be performed only after isolating the machine from the AC mains.If the pulley dismantling will not help recover the machine, how to hide the washing machine, so it does not interfere in domedomomenta arrival of skilled craftsmen, do not need reminding.