How to check the authenticity of the phone on without assistance ?

How to check the authenticity of the phone on without assistance ?
You will need:
  • device Box Decal
  • body functional Checking
# 1

number of fake mobile phones, manufactured by underground production, is growing every day.Some people think that buying a fake cell there is nothing to worry about.However, this is not the case.Firstly, buying unoriginal mobile device, the owner is likely to face a huge number of failures and "glitches".Perhaps the prospect of saving for someone attractive enough that people are willing to sacrifice some degree of device functionality.But here enters into force a new factor - the guarantee on the fake phones are not available, that is, if the further use of the device will be disabled, its owner will have to spend a considerable amount on repair service services.There are cases when even in large supermarkets technology buyers receiving fake products.That is why every modern man should know how to check the authenticity of the phone.

# 2

The first and easiest way - carefully examine the packaging of the phone.It should

be a special sticker, which indicates the device model name, as well as its IMEI (in other words, the serial number).The same sticker completely identical information should be present on the body of the phone.However, for those who are interested in how to check the authenticity of the phone on with 100% accuracy, it is not enough.It is necessary to call the technical support of the manufacturer, to tell her findings and ask for the device authentication.In most cases, sufficient to inform service only IMEI.It is important to remember that the check on the authenticity of the phone in this way is best not to leave the territory of the store.If the owners are selling only original products, they have nothing to fear, and therefore, they can easily give the buyer the opportunity to contact the manufacturer.Before buying a vehicle should be selected carefully check all the features that the phone has.Of course, you can easily repair the original unit under warranty in case of factory defect, but much better with such problems are not encountered at all.

# 3

phone You can also check the authenticity by reading the default installed applications.It is extremely desirable that among them nerusifitsirovannye program.All applications installed on the phone, must be translated into a quality, educated Russian.Without help ensure the originality of the phone is not as difficult as one might think, and the procedure test does not take too much time.However, it should not be neglected, because of all the negative consequences of the purchase of "fake" mentioned above.Finally, the easiest way to verify the authenticity of the phone without the help of other people - to buy similar, but in the official sales points.And, of course, bear in mind that high-quality and perfectly working phone just may not be worth a dime.And another little tip: Practice shows that Chinese counterfeiting weigh much less than the original.That is, to ensure the authenticity of the phone, is often enough to simply compare the weight of the device with one that is listed on the official website of the manufacturer.