How to disassemble the door of the washing machine ?

How to disassemble the door of the washing machine ?
You will need:
  • washing machine
  • cruciate screwdriver
  • spray cans to paint
# 1

disassembling the hatch of washing mashinySo time breaks or wears out the door hinge in a washing machine.Therefore it is necessary to disassemble the door of the washing machine.To do this, open the hatch.With the cross-shaped screwdriver to unscrew the two screws securing the hatch to the loop of the washing machine.Next, carefully remove the glass by unscrewing all the screws in a circle of the same screwdriver.It now remains to troubleshoot, collect and explain the hatch interested in how to disassemble the door of the washing machine.

# 2

how to care for a washing machine How to care for a washing machine right?This not only wiping the outside equipment.It is recommended to periodically use a water softening powder.It is necessary to regularly perform a maintenance wash (without clothes with a special detergent at the highest temperature).We should not forget about the detergent drawer.Once a month to

wash the filter of the drain pump.

# 3

like washing mashinuV flash depending on the model of the washing machine, choose the appropriate method for firmware.The easiest - using special connectors or sockets.In the absence of the latter (with the built-in processor), will have to contact the service center.Carry out firmware through the processor by means of special equipment.In addition, the operating instructions or the instructions on the official website to learn how to sew washing machines.

# 4

how to paint washing mashinuKak color washing machines?At home, it can be done with aerosol cans of paint.To do this, thoroughly clean the surface from dust, dirt and rust.Next, a stripper from the spray remove all old paint and degrease the surface of a conventional solvent.Then, primer is applied in thin layers in multiple stages.Now the surface is ready for painting.Then it all depends on the imagination.

# 5

how to choose a narrow washing mashinuSegodnya it is not difficult to work out how to select a narrow washing machine.All of them are now equipped with the necessary features.Their main advantage - take up little space.Depending on where the equipment, choose the appropriate model will be built.Narrow washing machines with horizontal loading clothes have less depth, with vertical load - a smaller width.The choice is the hostess.