How to remove a number from the black list The Samsung ?

How to remove a number from the black list The Samsung ?
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We are so accustomed to use this means of communication,that do not even remember a time when they were not in sight, we treated live communication not even remember when the mobile phone was born.The first person to talk on the phone was a Motorola employee in 1973.- Martin Cooper.Surely you know that not all the towers of mobile operators look like we are accustomed to see them, as their camouflage in the trees, in billboards, in columns.One of the most popular brands among youth is considered to Samsung, which each new edition is accompanied by active promotion, the list of the many functions, change the phone device.

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functions are becoming more diverse, as they say, the taste and color.If not in the mood to communicate, all annoying, you can enable offline mode, then none of the subscribers to you will not get through, if you prefer to be unavailable only f

or the "elite", that is, the ability to hide their numbers in the black list, while there, people do notyou can bring negative emotions, take your time to ruffle.This article describes how to remove the number from the black list The Samsung.In fact, this feature brings a lot of benefit to those who do not want to hear certain subscribers who are distracted from work, interfere at leisure.

# 3

sometimes be available very nice.The new models this option in the settings there, but also to all mobile operators offer this service, but for a nominal fee.To get started, be sure to read all of the instructions in the phone's operation, in order to freely navigate the settings and to understand how to remove a number from the black list of Samsung as add a few rooms, which need this feature, some nuances should be considered.We want to immediately make a reservation, the "black list" has 2 versions: you can restrict calls from certain numbers, but you can hide the sms from unwanted person.

# 4

first method: to hide SMS to Samsung, go to the message before us the list of the available dialogues holding Hit us in the name of unwanted companion and select "Add to spam numbers."After this action, you will no longer receive messages from that person.Now a closer look at the mobile phone's settings to explain how to add and how to remove the number from the black list on the Samsung (for example, samsung galaxy x4).Immediately warned that the need to make all contacts in the phone's memory in the format 7 XXX XXX XX XX, if through 8, this function is not activated.The second way: Hit Settings- my device- vyzovy- deviation vyzova- black-list New- enter number of unwanted human or add from the phone book.

# 5

It is also possible through the contacts menu, go to the contacts view, press a function button, and choose "Add to blacklist", it is a third way.Now, take the phone into the hands of Samsung.Do the above and the way we see the added number, remove the check mark and now the user will be able to reach you.It should be noted that the lock works in four different conditions: with exact matching numbers, begins with, ends with, contains.If the caller is in the black list, then when you call a cell phone does not turn on and makes no noise, a notification appears in the status bar, with the crossed incoming call.

# 6

And the fourth way: You can also access your call log to find the unnecessary number, keeping it in the menu that appears, select "Add to blacklist" or "removed from the black list."If you look at the mobile phone settings menu calls, we will see a list of options that are customized, you can optimize performance of your device and save battery life.The name of the menu items of various phone models can differ, but the general principle remains the same.