How to disassemble the bike fork ?

How to disassemble the bike fork ?
You will need:
  • Screwdrivers
  • Conventional wrenches
  • small pipe wrench
# 1

Disassemble fork bicycle may be required in many cases.It is not always worth it to ask for a specialist.It is always possible to carry out such work on their own.The main thing to do it consistently, then no problem.

# 2

Before disassemble the bicycle fork, you need to install it on a flat, the laid paper and oilcloth seat and leaning against the wall.Well, if it is possible something to fix it, for example props in the form of boulders or wooden bars.Then you need to pick up a wrench, which helps to capture the bolt head, located on the steering wheel in the middle.It is responsible for fixing to the steering fork.

# 3

To disassemble a bike, you need to unscrew the bolt.Keep in mind that it is quite long and additionally recorded in a plug conical tube nut.So we have to make reasonable efforts to remove it with a wrench.No need to hurry to throw this case, if the first attempt did not work.Efforts shoul

d be made again, sooner or later it will come out of the hole.Unscrewing the bolt should be completely undermine the steering wheel and remove it from the fork tube.Next, you need to go to the cylinder frame.Because it is necessary to remove the pipe plugs.This requires the arm with a pipe wrench and unscrew the nut consignment, located on the top of the cylinder.If such manipulation is not possible, then you need to use a different toolbox.In the role of a special key he can act, that comes to many bikes.His and should be used when breaching rework.

# 4

This removal of the bicycle fork is not completed.After the nut is unscrewed, need to remove the bearing.As a rule, it is destroyed when removing the plug.So do not be surprised if in the fixtures will not attend balls.Seized bearing and all its elements, you should try as much as possible accurately remove the tube from the fork.Performing is not difficult to see another bearing.It also needs to be renting, so it should be made obligatory.Then this item is required to set aside.Then you will need to take a screwdriver and unscrew the bolt that holds the wing wheel.It almost all bicycle models is on top of the frame cylinder.

# 5

Making him eat, you need to immediately loosen all the bolts that hold the wire holder.Usually they are in an amount of at least 5 pieces.However, unscrewing them is not always possible to disconnect after this wing.The point here is that some manufacturers of bicycles, fix it even on hidden fastening.They can be seen when you look under the wing.Accordingly, if any are present, then they must be deleted.After removing the wing off his bike, you need to make sure to loosen the nuts that hold the fork and wheel.You can use the usual keys of suitable diameter.Making such manipulation, it will be possible to see how the plug is fully released.Therefore it remains only to take out and put into the side.

# 6

As can be seen, disassemble fork bicycle is easy.By doing this, we should not forget that the need to necessarily change the bearings, and then produce lubrication lithologic details.Collect your bicycle transport is necessary in reverse order.It is important during this follow up to ensure that all the details have been recorded correctly, and no unnecessary elements after such work is left.If this is observed need for disassembly and assembly to produce anew.