How to choose a filter for the lens ?

How to choose a filter for the lens ?
You will need:
  • camera lens
# 1

Buying reflex camera, immediately raises the question of choosing a lens.Now on the market represented a huge number of different techniques, including lenses.The price range is very diverse.It is believed that expensive lenses are removed better, perhaps it is.We professionals are very popular L-series lenses, which are of excellent quality, accessibility, and is already of course, and the corresponding price.Whichever lens is not very important to find him a suitable filter.

# 2

So how to choose a filter for the lens?To begin with, we define the desired filter diameter.It depends on the diameter of the objective for which the filter is acquired.Next is chosen, the purposes for which we need a filter.The most popular protective filter.He did not give any effects, but protects the lens from various injuries.Also very popular polarizing filters.They perfectly reduces light glare on the photo.Very well suited for taking pictures of nature.Further, neutra

l density filters - to eliminate overexposure in a photo.

# 3

How to clean the lens?Now on sale there is a lot of special tools for cleaning lenses.For example, special pencils, well removed from the lenses different fingerprints and dirt.Also, when cleaning the lens not do without fotogrushi.It perfectly removes dust from the surface of the lens.Also fotogrusha fit and when cleaning the camera matrix.Yet there are various commercially available cleaning fluid camera.They also help to clean the lens is good enough from the various contaminants.

# 4

How to wipe the lens?Wipe clean with a technique better special napkins.Well suited for this special microfibre cloth.If the hand is no special equipment, just fit with a soft cloth made from natural materials.She needs to gently rub the glass of various contaminants.It is very important to keep your optics clean.

# 5

How to test the lens?Although it is believed that this technique is quite difficult and rare marriage, but the lens when you buy be sure to check.The lens is checked first on the FEC-focus - the lens when you hover on the subject misses ago.And the front-focus - respectively the lens misses forward.The best thing to do to download a special scale of the target.Focus on a target, we take a picture and view the results after.

# 6

At one point, we start to think, but how do lenses.Production of lenses is an incredibly complex and interesting process.Manufacture of creating lenses requires a fairly long time, expensive equipment and specially trained people.At the output we get a unique and quality product.Therefore, the price of many lenses so high.Good all frames!