How to build muscle loin ?

How to build muscle loin ?
You will need:
  • horizontal bar
  • dumbbell bars
# 1

horizontal bar.The shell, through which you can work out almost all the muscles of back.While in school physical education classes quite a few pull-ups like to pump up the muscles of the back, will have to master this exercise.Work will be carried out with its own weight, though, if you wish, you can use a special vest or weighting to his feet.Technique is the first exercise.First you need to hang on the bar, gripping the bar.The thumb should not be at the same horizontal bar clasp.This will reduce the load on the biceps and, accordingly, to place it on the latissimus dorsi.Next to be tightened until it reaches the level of the chin level horizontal bar.

# 2

You can then start to fall.I should note that this exercise is not on speed.Do not rush, is much better to carefully monitor the purity of execution.You can start with the four sets of 10 reps, resting between sets well.Over time, the number of approaches can be increased gradual

ly as reducing the time for a break in between.The second exercise is different from the first one that runs a narrow grip, ie the distance between the brushes does not exceed 15 centimeters.When performing again should monitor the location of the thumb (so that it does not cover the horizontal bar), as well as the rate of the exercise (it should be low).Narrow grip pullups perfectly working on the lower part of the lat.For starters, you can perform the exercise in 4 sets of 12 repetitions.

# 3

Dumbbells.This element is at work with the muscles of the back to many of the exercises is not obligatory, but only acts as a weighting agent.One of the most effective exercises to pump the long muscles of the back, is a hyperextension.It can be performed either in a special training device and with a conventional bed.The main thing - to check that the feet are securely attached, and torso while able to move both up and down.Once everything is ready, you need to go straight, slowly lower torso down, and then slowly start to raise it up to the starting position.At work at first, you can only use your own weight, but in the future, to weight exercise, picking up a dumbbell or disc from the bar.

# 4

Perform element initially be four sets of 15 repetitions.Trainers is considered a very good exercise, because it includes the work of more or less all the muscular corset back.Besides long muscles effectively pumped takzhekvadratnaya muscle.Another relatively simple, but at the same time, effective exercise dumbbell is bent.It is performed almost all from beginners to experienced bodybuilders.First, you need to pick up a dumbbell, and then leaned forward slightly and body slightly bent knees.From this position, pull up to the waist, while trying to work as much as possible back muscles, excluding hands.For a start is better to do four sets of 12 repetitions.

# 5

Bars.Element, which will also help in deciding how to build muscle back home.It can be installed in the apartment, and you can take advantage of what is on the nearest playground.Many people think that only the triceps and chest muscles work during dips.However, this exercise can also strengthen the waist bad, because a considerable load is obtained as the latissimus dorsi.The most important thing when doing this type of exercise - maximum amplitude.Only after this is achieved, it will be possible to move to the push-ups with weights.Be sure to remember that dips - not only highly effective, but also a dangerous exercise.Therefore, beginners should be cautious, gradually preparing the ligament to stress and muscle - to the maximum tension.