How do the broad shoulders

How do the broad shoulders
You will need:
  • Subscribe to the gym
  • horizontal bar
  • Dumbbells
  • Willpower and determination
# 1

broad shoulders - it's a dream of every man, because they are an indicatorstrength and courage, as well as make more attractive the male figure in the women's eyes.That's why so many members of the stronger sex are in the gyms to make his broad shoulders.A few tips to help make it faster and more efficiently.

# 2

Home shoulder muscle - it deltoid.It is one of the muscles, the most hard-to training;this is due to the special structure of the tissue, having three beam.No one exercise does not distribute the load evenly over the area, so it is recommended to combine the various movements.Beginners will be enough to choose two exercises also experienced bodybuilder will need more.The base for the shoulders are activities such as military press, dilution of dumbbells to the sides and pull the rod to the chin.

# 3

However alone advanced "delta" is not enough to get the manly torso with br

oad shoulders.An important role in achieving the standard male figure - inverted triangle - play a narrow waist and a well-developed latissimus dorsi.And if a narrow waist is achieved by burning excess fat, then back to the development of required training.Basic exercises, muscles well developed data - is the thrust rod in the slope and the thrust behind the head unit.Excellent load in this area give tightening;also latissimus indirectly involved in the push-ups.

# 4

People who have no time to go to the gym often wonder how to make the shoulders wider than at home.Of course, the gym is the most effective and provides a greater variety of sports equipment, but get well-built body can be at home.Push-ups, which, as has been said, involve the latissimus dorsi, available to absolutely everyone;horizontal bar to hang at home does not require a lot of time and money, but will allow the most efficient pump back pull-ups;and, finally, a set of dumbbells will allow to pump his shoulders, performing a variety of exercises for the deltoid muscle.

# 5

Thus, there is nothing difficult or impossible to pump the shoulders.Of course, it requires a lot of time, effort and careful work on yourself.But is not the result worth the effort?