How to clean a dishwasher from scale ?

How to clean a dishwasher from scale ?
You will need:
  • Citric acid
  • Funds with descaler
# 1

Nowadays, an increasing number of housewives are actively using the dishwasher, arguing that they are more comfortable mobility and functionality.Therefore, to know how to clean a dishwasher, a must.We all know that the frequent use of any appliances it wears out.Strictly speaking, dishwasher refers just to the number of household appliances, which is used very often.And because very often we can observe such unpleasant consequences as scum.Scum is a precipitate that is formed on the walls of dishwashers by decomposition of salts on non-degradable carbonic gases and precipitation.These sediments we can see on the walls of the machines.

# 2

Citric acid - a universal remedy against limescale care of this technology is important to all: and how to properly load the dishwasher, and then, what means are used to it.Of course, you can use a lot of materials that we offer the market and modern media.But now we look at the people the means b

y which any dishwasher will sparkle like new.The cheapest option is citric acid, which can be found in almost any grocery and hardware store.The amount of citric acid is dependent on the last time cleaned dishwasher.On average, the rate can vary from 200 to 400 grams.It is poured into citric acid and simply produce a machine washing process, as well as in normal washing of dishes.

# 3

measures predostorozhnostiTem who recently got a similar appliances and is now trying to figure out how to use a Bosch dishwasher, or any other, care should be taken when handling the citric acid.Be sure after using this tool should repeat the cleaning process, but with absolutely clean water, in order to remove residues of citric acid with a typewriter.Do not confuse citric acid with acetic and use the latest.Acetic acid contains chemicals that can harm your dishwasher.As well as the use of acetic acid gives an extremely unpleasant odor.Plus, it can cause many problems in the work of art and then have in place for the car care information, search for materials on how to disassemble the dishwasher.

# 4

Prophylaxis against nakipiMozhno also be used which comprise the so-called "antiscale".They can be purchased at any store household chemicals, consulting with a counselor.The difference is that citric acid removes limescale already formed, and agents with antiscale prevent its occurrence.Those who just figured out how to install a dishwasher Bosch or other similar technique can safely buy means containing descaler.They need to be added during dishwashing.The only negative - they can not be used too often, or some chemical elements can go to the dishes that have a negative impact on the health of inhabitants of the house.Therefore, they should only be used as a preventive measure.