How to upgrade your browser to ?

How to upgrade your browser to ?
You will need:
  • navigator
  • PC
# 1

At its core automotive GPS-navigator - a conventional electronic device, which became part of our daily life and without which sometimesnot enough.This gadget is quite simple to use and built in such a way that the driver can easily and unnecessary manipulation could use one or the other function.But as time goes on, new houses are being built, roads, settlements, and, of course, maps and guides, loaded into the navigator, become obsolete over time.Therefore every owner of this gadget is wondering about how to update the browser on their own, without the help of specialized firms.

# 2

to update the software of any navigation system you need to visit the site of the device manufacturer, and in one of the sections devoted to this issue, find and download the update file to a personal computer and software necessary to implement the procedureupdate.Different models of navigators, there are various programs and service packs.If you need to update your car

d, then after downloading them from the developer should be using a computer to the memory card into the appropriate directory and select them in the navigation program unit.

# 3

This raises the logical question, how to connect your device to the PC?First of all, using the cable supplied with the gadget, you need to connect it to the USB-port of the computer.After a few seconds on the navigation screen, you should see a menu with options to connect.In order for the computer to recognize the device as a removable drive, select an option from the menu that appears.However, to connect some models of device to your computer, you must first install the last special software.Otherwise, all connection attempts are unsuccessful.

# 4

should be noted that all navigation devices equipped with system software.In most cases, this Windows SE, or Android.Many owners are wondering what is the difference and how to use the navigator on the "Android".It should be noted that there are no fundamental differences.It is necessary to select the "Satellites" in the program settings (usually represented as a button with an icon of a satellite dish).After the program will automatically find the desired satellite, you need to close the settings, press the "Menu" and select "address".Selecting a destination address, you press the "Ride" button, then the program automatically Tracings itinerary.

# 5

After installing them, you must activate the update.Information on how to activate the card in the navigator, located on the site of the manufacturer.To activate the browser and should include a visit the site of the manufacturer, select the menu item "Service Update".Most models navigators after performing these steps automatically start the process of renewal and activation maps.When loading cards with foreign resources to activate cards require additional software, but use of this kind of software is not highly desirable, and will be responsible only to the owner.

# 6

on the manufacturer's website, as well as instructions to the device, you can find information about how to change the voice in the Navigator.To date, the vast expanses of the Internet, you can find a huge amount of voice packets for GPS-navigators.The process of their installation on the device is very simple: you have to unzip the downloaded file with the sounds, and then by connecting your device to your PC, simply copy them to the desired folder, after removing out the old audio.Tip: in any case it is recommended to copy the voice package to your device to make a backup of the old audio.As seen from the foregoing, the navigator update procedure is not so complicated.