How to change the motherboard ?

You will need:
  • motherboard
  • system unit
  • screwdriver
# 1

So this article is devoted to computer repair.In it you can read about how to change the motherboard on the computer.Complex this is nothing even for those people who absolutely do not versed in the art.For repairs will need a new motherboard and screwdriver.It is necessary to ensure that the old and the new part is absolutely identical before to change the motherboard.Only after this you can make further manipulations with the computer.

# 2

First of all, you need to turn off the system unit from the power supply and all the wires sticking out the back of this.It will be useful as well to erase the age-old layers of dust accumulated over the years of use.After all, the new computers are rarely broken, right?Once all of these procedures can already get the motherboard.Remove the system cover and dive into the world even more dust and computer technology.Again, to cope with the dust, you can see a large system board, the purpose

of our replacement.

# 3

Inside will be a lot of interesting things, such as the processor or graphics card.All this will have to be removed, while being careful not to damage anything, and do not break.After all, you just want to change the motherboard, rather than the entire computer raskurochit.After removal of these gadgets will be a bunch of wires going to other components.Their location in the ports it is best to write further to the right they are placed on the new motherboard.Next, use a screwdriver to unscrew the manual dexterity and a fee from the housing and remove the motherboard.Then you need to put in its place a new one, thus falling into the desired holes with screws.The next step is the placement of all wires and sensors on a pre-plotted diagram, not forgetting to connect the front panel of the system unit.

# 4

If advance system drivers have not been removed, then turn on the first time the system should be in safe mode.This will allow the motherboard itself to download a driver that are preset by the manufacturer.Included with the card must be accompanied by a CD with the information and instruction manual with warranty card.That is, without the help of professionals, you can easily replace this vital component of the iron friend.If not the first time - do not be upset.The main thing is not to stop halfway, and the computer is required to work.