How to stop the washing machine during the wash ?

How to stop the washing machine during the wash ?
You will need:
  • manual
  • some patience
# 1

As a rule, after the end of the washing process the washing machine - the machine stops itself.After about 60-120 seconds.after a stop, the door lock is released and you can pull out the laundry.How to stop the washing machine when the washing process is not finished yet?

# 2

If the need arises, and the door is already locked cars, you can just press the STOP button or turn the knob mechanical control in this situation.A few minutes later the door is unlocked and can be opened.After performing the required actions with the laundry, close the door and start the program again using the START function.

# 3

Even if the user knows how to remove the pump of the washing machine, it must always be aware that in some models of machines lock can not be removed until such time as there is water in the tank.Therefore, it is necessary beforehand to turn the knob to the drain or the spin and wait for the water draining.And only after that the door is u


# 4

If you cut off the supply e / energy, the drum stops rotating and washing suspended.However, the program "freezes" in the place where it was interrupted.With the resumption of supply e / energy program execution continues with the place where it stopped.This property can be used in an emergency to stop the work force machine.In other words, if a person has to go, and he did not want to leave the machine in the work, he can simply pull the power cord.And turn it back on at the right moment.Otherwise, it is necessary to know how to fix a washing machine so that it does not "jumped" in the bathroom during the spin cycle when the house will not be anyone.

# 5

Whatever it was, but is forced to stop operation of the washing machine can be, but this should be done less frequently.The fact that, despite the relative safety of these methods, all of them for machine and its computer are destructive.Therefore, in such cases, the likelihood of premature repair machine increases.Before practicing such methods, it is desirable to immediately learn how to move the washing machine in the service tsentrbez damage to it.

# 6

And basically, that does not happen any premature damage to the machine, if it was not loaded all the linen, it is best to wait until the end of a running program, and only then reload linen and start washing again.Also, it is useful to know how to wash the washing machine right after washing process, so as not to accumulate residues of detergent in it.