How do the splits at home for 1 day?

How do the splits at home for 1 day?
You will need:
  • mat classes
  • Patience
  • Video tutorials
# 1

First, let's remember one important rule that under no circumstances should not believe the information,which it is written, how to learn to do the splits at home for 1 day.Even women with very good stretching, do not sit down on the string, so the spacecraft must first train your body, and most importantly the muscles and ligaments of legs, otherwise they simply can break and be in the hospital until the end of days, forgetting that such a split.So, how to stand on a twine at home without harm to health and how long it will take?When the daily 30 minute workout, people with a good stretching, will be able to do the splits in about a month, the same who exercise hurdly have to sweat over the twine, somewhere around six months.

# 2

to start would do well to look at the training video of a fitness trainer or instructor who tells how the splits at home.Video it must contain not only information about what muscles are utilized du

ring this exercise, but what are the contra-indications, and that in any case can not be done, he sat down on the twine.And so, the first thing to do before any exercise - is how to warm up your muscles for this fit the usual running on the spot, while running your knees should be raised as high as possible, and to warm up the muscles of the arms they just need to be raised and lowered during the run.This workout is suitable for people who like to perform repetitive exercises.

# 3

If you want to vary the workout, then do exercises individually for each muscle group.They begin always with the muscles of the neck, then the shoulders and arms, waist, hips and legs at the end.After the workout, you can proceed to the complex exercise, which will teach a person how to sit down on a twine at home.It is necessary to remember that these exercises should be performed slowly and steadily - stretching muscles, any sudden and fast movements should not be.

# 4

first need to warm up and stretch the back muscles for this exercise is perfect "cat" to execute it properly you need to get up on all fours, head down, to relax the back muscles and begin to curve up the back.This should be done slowly and smoothly, feeling each muscle is stretched.In general, this exercise can be done every day, regardless of whether a person will later sit on the string or not.Since after the exercise "cat" is removed from a back strain, especially for people who have a sedentary job.In the wake of the "cat", you need to take a few deep slopes of the trunk and try to get your hands to the floor.

# 5

Then comes the basic set of exercises that teach you how to do the splits in the home, which is aimed at stretching the muscles located on the inside of the thigh.In order to fulfill their need to sit on the floor and legs spread apart during the entire workout should try all the time to pull the socks themselves.First, is pulled to the right and then to the left toe, then stretching his arms as far as possible to be pulled forward.The main thing to remember that neither the buttocks or legs should not come off the floor.

# 6

After the exercise was over, need some time to shake a leg.In the wake of this stretching exercise goes "frog", to make it very simple, just bend your knees and rest the heel in the groin, then you need to press your hands on your knees, so they got to the floor, it should be done not by much.After the performed exercises, you need to lie on your back raise your legs, without bending them, and then widely spread them apart to feel the tension on the inner thigh.

# 7

enhance the action of the exercises can be slightly pressed his hands to his feet in order to draw them to the floor.After the performed exercises need to get up and a few more times to try to get your hands to the floor.For the following exercises require some not tall piece of furniture, such as a stool or a sofa.From the selected object you need to move somewhere on the meter, and throw it on foot, then the body must be drawn to the leg, which is located on a hill bearing the same leg can not move from the spot, it should be smooth and steady.Done this exercise 5 times to 4 march first to the left and then the right foot - right-handers, left-handers for the same exercise should start with the right foot.

# 8

Ends exercise final stretch, this can even be used is not very heavy dumbbell.The final stretch is a complex exercise for the body tilted to the side, forward and backward.At the same time during each tilt should try to pull the whole body in the wake of the hands.The most recent training exercise - stretching it back.To do this, stand up exactly with their hands up, and then you need to pull them up, when it should be felt as the stretch muscles of the arms, back and legs, but these feelings saying that the exercise was carried out correctly.

# 9

do all of these exercises must be five times at the expense of 1-2-3-4, you must breathe evenly, not knocking the breath.It is also important to remember that all the exercises must be done quickly and as soon as the pain is felt, it is necessary to relax the muscles and in no case do not continue to do the exercise with great force.